Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Meredith's Intern

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ABC's Grey's Anatomy makes it's way back September 27 with a bunch of changes. The season premiere is titled "A Change is Gonna Come," in fact.

Indeed, Kate Walsh is off to an ABC spin-off called Private Practice and gone is Isaiah Washington to Bionic Woman (and eventually his own series) with NBC.

So what's up with Grey's Anatomy? Us Weekly reports that executive producer Krista Vernoff says expect loads of drama. For one, she dishes on an intern that will be under Meredith Grey's tutelage this season.

Follow the jump for a picture of Mer's new intern ...

George O'Malley: Still an Intern

That's right, it's none other than George O'Malley!

George (T.R. Knight), dealing with a bizarre love triangle and the fallout from failing his intern exam, is going to be under the guidance of none other than his former crush (and one-night lover), Meredith.

"He's going to be Meredith's intern!" Krista Vernoff admits.

Also off to a rough start in Season Four is Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), who comes back from her honeymoon - she brought Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) with her - to find that ex-fiancée Dr. Burke is nowhere to be found.

Lastly, according to Sara Ramirez (Callie), "I don't want to tease about anybody else's character, because I don't want anyone getting mad at me, but my character, Callie Torres, is finally going to admit to herself what's going on with the relationship with George, and she's going to do something about it."

Interesting stuff! What do you think?

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...this comment is going to seem so extraneous, but........IT'S GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GEORGE OOO'MALLEY! ...i told you....


OMG!!! can't wait for the 4th season.. unfortunately i'm from the philippines and i need to wait until next year to be aired here.. (hope so!?!) huhuhu


Ok i was excited before but NOW i´m SERIOUSLY EXCITED. I watch it before but i didn´t noticed it till now


I am really excited. I'm in West Africa Nigeria to be precise. On the cable channel we are on the tenth episode. But, I have totally watched the whole season. Can't wait for the DVD me season four.


OMG! Elyse thks for the link! You are not dreaming, I saw it too! OMG! i cant wait!


I just saw another promo on youtube with some Grey's scenes in it:
Is that a MerDer kiss, or am I dreaming :P?


I just saw another promo on youtube, with some Grey's scenes in it..
Is that a MerDer kiss, or am I dreaming :P?


I am sooooo excited!!! Can't wait to see the next season and it is sooooo mean that we (we means the ones linving in Europe) have to wait until next year... :-(


Okay so Im from Europe and just saw the last Episode last night and was absolutely shocked. So i had to get some hookups about whats gonna happen next....and now i cant wait til 2008!!!! Can you buy the Episodes in the States ahead of time?? Like in September or so?? I cant wait for so long. So whats with Mer and McDreamy?? He better not get with her sister!! He just cant!! And why is she being so difficult? I think i would die for having a man say that to me!!! The love of his life?!!!! Wow!! And even though i really, really like Torres and think she deserves someone really great....i think thats just the point. She deserves someone, that loves her like George loves Izzie. To Burke...he cant just leave like that....and i love Addison!! She is hot and witty and i loved the scene where she said that she would just get fat!! Dont we all want that sometime? Im really excited about the new episode and i dont mind change, but leave us some dreams and hopes. Let Mer be with McDreamy and if its Lexie that finally gets her so far to stop running away. And give Izzie some Love. She has had only but drama in her cant be, that shes not allowed to be loved, truely loved!!

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