Heroes Spoilers: Claire's Boyfriend, Pushing Daisies Crossover

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Many thanks to Kirsten of E! Online for the following Heroes spoilers.

She has answered a couple questions and revealed some intriguing information about our favorite show's second season...

Q: Can you tell us anything about the new Heroes?
Claire's new boyfriend (Nick D'Agosto) can fly - and for one particular romantic getaway he picks her up and carries her to the Hollywood sign atop Mt. Lee. Also, according to our source, Claire is still very much a teenager and has been sneaking out of the house to hang out with her new fella.

Q: Anything good on Heroes?
If all goes according to plan, one of your favorite Heroes will appear in the third episode of Pushing Daisies. He (yes, it's a he) even brings one of his "powers" with him.

That's a new show on NBC, folks. But who do you think will be making this unique crossover? Our money is on Peter Petrelli because, well, he can do pretty much anything at this point.

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