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One Life To Live Questions and Answers

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Even the most die hard of One Life to Live fans may have an unanswered question or two about their favorite show.

With that in mind, Soap Opera Digest has gone ahead and listed a few of these One Life to Live inquiries below...

Was Nathaniel Marston (Michael) ever on another soap?
Yes, he played Eddie Silva on As the World Turns from 1998-2000.

Christina Chambers PictureDid the woman who plays Blair also appear in Evil Dead II?
Yes, Kassie DePaiva (Blair) portrayed Bobbie Joe in the horror flick.

Christina Chambers (pictured, Marty) looks so familiar. What other shows might we know her from?
Chambers is best known from her role in the late 1990s as Maria on Sunset Beach. She also briefly portrayed Molly on As the World Turns in 2004.

Is Bo the character's full name?
No, Bo's full name is Bufort Oglethorpe Buchanan.

Who is Adriana's father?
The late Puerto Rican crime lord Manuel Santi. Dorian revealed that she is Adriana's mother in 2004 and said she gave her up for adoption to protect her from her father. Until then, Adriana did not know who her biological parents were. She came to Llanview to stay with Carlotta, her godmother, in the summer of 2003.

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