Patrick Dempsey Looks to the Future, Envisions Life After Grey's Anatomy

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He is, without a doubt, at the peak of his career as the leading man of Grey's Anatomy, but TV heart-throb Patrick Dempsey is not immune from pondering his life beyond Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd.

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In a mid-morning interview on the Los Angeles set of Grey's Anatomy, a relaxed Dempsey imagines the future, when he will have had enough of the demands of the medical drama and can live quietly with his wife and kids.

His feelings have been shaped in large part by his wife, Jillian, giving birth in February to twin boys, Sullivan and Darby. He also has a five-year-old daughter, Talula.

"It's (the arrival of twins) daunting and overwhelming. I think it's going to be really fun," Dempsey says. "Eventually, at the end of this run of Grey's, it will be nice to retreat to the country and raise them in an environment that is much better than Los Angeles."

"I love family. I think it's the one thing that keeps me sane in all the craziness of what's going on with this show."

Patrick Dempsey, who works up to 16 hours a day on Grey's Anatomy, says it's nearly impossible to find an escape from the hype generated by the global success of the show.

Though he credits Grey's Anatomy with resurrecting his career, he has found it a challenge dealing with intense media scrutiny, particularly about cast unrest on the show.

Patrick Dempsey and co-star Isaiah Washington had a well-documented spat that ultimately led to Washington not being retained by the series.

"It (scrutiny) doesn't end," Dempsey says. "It's demanding and the exposure is unbelievable. I mean, it's worldwide, more so than any movie you'll ever do, I think.

"Coming at this point in my career, I have better tools to cope, but it's not always easy. I think everybody on the show is adjusting to the amount of attention and pressure and responsibility.

"We have our growing pains. I think we're coming together as a company in a really good way... supporting each other on our good days and bad days.

"Sadly, it (media scrutiny) is a sign of your success if they're coming after you and blowing things out of proportion."

Eager to bring some levity to the interview, Dempsey starts talking about the fun he's having with castmates, including Eric Dane, who, as Mark "McSteamy" Sloan has challenged Dempsey's heart-throb status.

Eric Dane's arrival, Dempsey says with a laugh, has prompted him to go on a diet and hit the gym.

Given one of Dane's first scenes featured him draped in a towel, Dempsey jokes it's only a matter of time before his friend appears in a Bed, Bath & Beyond calendar.

"He's ripped, certainly," Dempsey says. "I've been fasting since he's entered the show."

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I wish Patrick was my poppy!


I just want to wish Patrick & Jill a belated happy wedding anniversary for the 31st of July. I hope the next 8 years will be as good as the last.


Sorry Mel take it easy, i didnt know leaving a compliment will upset some people.


Seriously Mel what exactly is your problem? and since when is complimenting the actors wrong? we are fans for goodness sake! and no body said anything bad about them, so is saying something positive now an issue? What exactly do you want us to talk about then? And for the record partrick made a joke about eric dane, so we are allowed to comment on that arent we? that is why the comment section is available. I am sorry you feel that way, cos the way i see it, you are the one that should get a life.


why dont you people get a life and think of better things than drooling over patrick or eric.yes, i guess they are good looking and whatver, but still think of other things for once!


Hmm Eric Dane is one hell of a steamy guy and handsome as a sin too. The first time i saw him, i was like WOW!. But still Partrick is dreamy, he can get away with murder with his smile. So its kind of difficult to choose who is hotter. Shonda sure knows how to choose the best.


I honestly think it's a huge battle to which of them [Patrick and Eric] is hotter, I personally wouldn't object to being with either. They are both gorgeous, of course, but it is also hard with the personalities they have so I have to say it's a tie, for now anyway.


Well, I think he would have enough to do with racing and just see his kids grow up. Maybe he just doesn't want to do something as regular as GA again, but just do a movie once a year. That would be very sensible. I think he should write a book because I always read intervies with him with much benefit for developing myself into a better person and to improve my marriage. So he is not only really handsome, but a gret person, too (as far as you can tell from the outside and thousands of miles away...)


You guys take it easy, i dont think Patrick is going anywhere, he just has plans for the future thats all.


ok. addisons gone. im SOOO not happy with that. Burk left so now wat are we gonna do with christina? Now, if Mcdreamy left, I WILL GO SYCO!!!!!!


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