Sizing Up Emmy Chances For Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson

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The lovely ladies of Grey's Anatomy dominate the supporting actress in a drama category for this year's Emmys, and it'd be far from a stretch to say at least two of them - Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh - rose to new heights last season, Variety opines.

Heigl's Izzie Stevens began the year dealing with the death of fiance Denny by baking muffins, and ended it by having an affair with a married man - her best friend, George O'Malley.

Sandra Oh endured a tumultuous relationship and was left standing at the altar as Isaiah Washington's Preston Burke said goodbye to her, seeing her trepidation at spending a life together.

Chandra Wilson: Emmy Favorite?
Also on Grey's Anatomy, but in a more subdued - though by no means less well-executed - role, was nominee Chandra Wilson, whose classy Dr. Bailey, try as she might, aims to lessen the hysteria that always seems to permeate the halls of Seattle Grace.

As for their competition? Aida Turturro was only in a handful of Sopranos episodes these past few months, but even in limited scenes, she had the ability to not only raise the ire of brother Tony, but of watchers who can see through her scheming ways. She did all that with fewer scenes than most of her castmates, too.

Australia's Rachel Griffiths seamlessly flowed from Six Feet Under to Brothers & Sisters, moving from scattered Brenda Chenowith to solid citizen Sarah Whedon, who does her best to keep the family business - and her own troubled marriage - afloat.

Follow the jump for Variety's breakdown of the Emmy contenders for best supporting actress in a drama series ...

Rachel Griffiths
Show: Brothers & Sisters
Emmy pedigree: Two noms
Best scene: In "Bad News," Sarah and Joe have a heart to heart about why their marriage is falling apart and can't be saved.
Why she may win: Some could argue Griffiths never got her just due on HBO's brilliant funeral drama Six Feet Under and with her role here, in which the New York Times calls her "mesmerizing," voters may want to make amends.
Maybe not: The show started slowly - the pilot had to be re-shot very close to the air date - but built up steam as the season went along. Yet even with strong ratings, it's still not on an awareness level with Grey's Anatomy.

Katherine Heigl
Show: Grey's Anatomy
Emmy pedigree: First nom
Best scene: Trying to help a dying patient who was badly hurt in a ferry accident in the "Drowning on Dry Land" episode, Izzie must perform a difficult, life-saving procedure on him under the worst of circumstances. She does the usual Izzie "I can't handle this" freak-out but, with the help of the victim's friends, gathers her composure to get the job done.
Why she may win: Heigl has little difficulty reaching Izzie's highest highs and lowest lows. Creator Shonda Rhimes puts a lot of pressure on Heigl to carry many intense story lines, and she's up to the challenge.
Maybe not: There are times when Izzie becomes completely irrational during crisis situations, which may bother some. Just another thought - with Knocked Up receiving raves and doing so well at the box office, will voters consider her a movie star now and hold that against her?

Sandra Oh
Show: Grey's Anatomy
Emmy pedigree: Two noms
Best scene: As Meredith lay near death at Seattle Grace Hospital ("Some Kind of Miracle" - see our episode guides for a recap) after falling into the water, a teary Cristina stands over her best friend and, brimming with emotion, tells Meredith she can't die because, then, who would she share all her stories with?
Why she may win: This being her third straight nomination for Grey's Anatomy, it's obvious voters are enamored of Sandra's work. At some point, all those noms have to translate to a win, right? Or will she go Oh-for-three? Eh? Eh.
Maybe not: Tough to say if having three Grey's Anatomy nominees in this category hurts or helps their individual chances, but a split vote among Sandra, Chandra and Katherine Heigl is a distinct possibility.

Aida Turturro
Show: The Sopranos
Emmy pedigree: One nom
Best scene: In "Soprano Home Movies," Janice and Bobby sit on the lake chatting up with Tony and Carm. Without any action to speak of, it's a beautiful portrait of who these people are, and how they'e chosen to live their lives, especially when Janice gives Tony a verbal jab.
Why she may win: If Sopranos adulation begins and the series starts dominating the categories, Turturro might very well be part of the landslide.
Maybe not: Unlike the other nominees, who are virtually in every episode of their respective series, Turturro was just in a couple of episodes during the last season.

Chandra Wilson
Show: Grey's Anatomy
Emmy pedigree: One nom
Best scene: Somebody's underwear is hanging on the wall of the surgical unit in "I Am a Tree" and Dr. Bailey is yelling at her residents, trying to figure out whose they are.
Why she may win: Her SAG Award last year raised her profile in the kudos community and her character, who is such a rock and most level-headed on the show, always has the right thing to say.
Maybe not: When it comes to Emmy, sometimes being flashy and over the top - especially in the submitted episode - is better than being consistently good.

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Way to win Katie Heigl. You are adorable. Take that haters.


I personally was amazed to see Sandra was even nominated - same with Chandra Wilson. Both are excellent actresses but did not really have any outstanding moments this season or any great storylines to showcase their talents - particularly Wilson who was very underused. Despite the ridiculous storylines for her character Heigl was head and shoulders above anyone else on the show this year.


katherine heigl.
obviously she is the best.
and makes the show enjoyable to watch. but if not her then chandra wilson. she deserves it too.
as for sandra oh? she never has different emotions everything is always the same intense feeling.


The Emmy goes to the incredible talent that is... MS. SANDRA OH! I love Chandra Wilson and if the writers are good to her in S4 she should be able to get herself another nominee next year. Katherine Heigl has many years yet to go to get one, look at her competition at Grey's. It isn't whether your fans feel you are deserving, an Emmy is determined by your peers saying your incredible acting talent surpasses and shines beyond your fellow nominees. This is descriptive of Sandra Oh.


hi nice post, i enjoyed it


she will probably win:)


for me still sandra Oh will win.. go Sandra youre GREAT actress i hope you will be having more novies to come. i love watching you!


This one should go to Sandra for sure. I love Chandra but it's just Sandra's time to shine. This entire season was Oh's


i cant decide i love them all!!! probably Chandra Wilson. not because she is my favorite but because she is the best.


i think katherine should win cause she deserved one last year with the whole denny arc and now this year with the george thing and all the emotions following denny so vote katie!


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Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

Burke was- He took something from me. He took little pieces of me, little pieces over time, so small I didn't even notice, you know? He wanted me to be something I wasn't, and I made myself into what he wanted. One day I was me Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and jeopardizing my career, and agreeing to be married and wearing a ring, and being a bride. Until I was standing there in a wedding dress with no eyebrows, and I wasn't Cristina Yang anymore. And even then, I would've married him. I would have. I lost myself for a long time. And now that I'm finally me again, I can't. I love you. I love you more than I loved Burke. I love you. And that scares the crap out of me because when you asked me to ignore Teddy's page, you took a piece of me, and I let you. And that will never happen again.