A Grey's Anatomy Emmy Fashion Breakdown

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A quick look at four Grey's Anatomy beauties and their Emmy Awards outfits last night, with plenty more pictures to come later ...

Kate Walsh at the Emmys
Ellen Pompeo: Emmy Awards
Katherine Heigl, Emmy Style
Sandra Oh, 2007 Emmy Awards

TOP ROW: Newlywed Kate Walsh is red hot in her cowl-neck crimson satin Pamela Dennis gown, Neil Lane diamonds and matching lips, while engaged Ellen Pompeo that her "boyfriend" Michael Kors created her feminine navy gown that she paired with jewels from Fred Leighton.

BOTTOM ROW: Katherine Heigl is a throwback to Old Hollywood in her fish tail Zac Posen gown, Mary Norton clutch and classic red lips, while Sandra Oh is the picture of refined elegance in her black and white Bottega Veneta gown and H. Stern's diamond jewels.

Who's outfit is your favorite? What are your thoughts?

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I agree that Kate and Ellen's hair look horrible. I don't know what either was thinking. Love Kate and Katherine's dresses though. And I actually did see a few photos of Sara Ramirez there too on Wireimage.com, and she looked really pretty too.


My favourite outfit is Katherine's : ) She's gorgeous at everyone of the awards ceremony. Hehe..and i loved her speech :D


Kate and Katie looked great. I don't like Ellen's look at all, especially the hair. Sandra's dress is kinda boring but at least it's a nice dress.


ok i agree with everyone that kates dress is ugly!! oh and am i the only the that noticed that you can practly see her boob or what?? that is on scarry dress!!! eeekkk... but i love everyone elses. ellen you hair is scary once again but you dress isn't half bad this time. katherine love the whole look and same with sandra!!
love it!!


i like ellen`s dress...i think that is really beautiful and so simple, but i have to say that her hair isn`t my favourite xD! but i still love her, she`s great!
congratulations to katherine!!!


i definitley agree with mclovinmcdreamy. kates hair looks like a pinecone. ellen looks 85 with her hair. but all their dresses look AMAZING. i think kate (except for the pinecone) and katherine look the best...


I like all of the dresses, but i dont think anyone's hair looks good, except for maybe Katherine. I guess she wins out of all of them since everyone elses's hair looks weird, even though i do like all the dresses.


They all look gorgous, but I believe who ever did Kate Walsh's hair should be fired and never allowed to be a stylist again.. it looks like a pine cone exploded out of her head.


i definitley think sandra and katherines dresses were the best, although ellens and kates were also really pretty....


personally i like katherine's dress better. I also like kate's dress but i feel that its a little llow. go ahead call me conservative...


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