Ellen Pompeo Takes a Stroll on the Beach

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The awesome Ellen Pompeo enjoyed a break from filming Grey's Anatomy by taking a Sunday stroll on the beach with one of her pet dogs in Malibu, Calif.

Ellen on the Beach

The Grey's Anatomy star enjoyed a fun summer. Ellen Pompeo revealed to USA Today that she recently babysat co-star Patrick Dempsey's baby twins!

"Over the summer, Ellen Pompeo and her fiancé, Chris Ivery, visited Dempsey and wife Jillian in London while he was shooting a film in Scotland. Pompeo helped babysit the couple's twin sons, now eight months, and says she can easily tell them apart: Sullivan "is a little more serious and a little bigger, maybe an athlete, and Darby looks more like a thinker and a poet. He may be the artist."

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This is my first blog experience. I am going to pray they don't rely on the old tired plot twist where George goes home to Calli to tell her he loves Izzi and has sex one last time (sympathy, breakup, guilt...whatever) and, of course, Calli gets pregnant and George and Izzi's love is thwarted in a painful drawn out and boring plot line... PLEASE NO! DON'T LET THIS BE A REPEATE OF TRITE AND TIRED PLOT LINES FROM THE PAST. P.S. I loved Burke, just cause he is a jerk in person doesn't mean he wasn't great. BRING BACK BURKE! How come there's no "spell check" blogs...bummer. And, yes my On Demand cut off right before George knocked on Izzis door -- I came here to find out what happened, thanks guys.


She babysits for Patrick Dempsey? That's amazing...


Aww....... i love ellen pompeo. She babysat patrick twins? that is super cool on so many different leves.


what you want


aw, she babysat for the twins? that is soo cute. i love her even more now. i also like the dark hair. =]


that's great that her and Patrick are so close that she can baby-sit for him sometimes. And I agree, I am loving the dark hair she's sporting.


I love the closeness that Patrick and Ellen share! I think that is great that she babysits for him sometimes!


i love how casual she looks! how great. 3 days 3 hours and 30 minutes until Grey's premires!!


Great pic! She's cute. I like her no matter what she does.


She is so adorable. I like the dark hair better. I think the bond she has with Patrick is very special and unique. It's nice she's willing to babysit the kids also.

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