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Izzie: George! Stop eating your feelings!


Christina: ...and you want Denny's money by cutting his L-VAT wire and having us all in the room to share the blame.

Izzie: Yep

Christina: How much cash to I get again?


Izzie: "George, next time don't put so much food in your mouth."

Christina: "I have to agree with Izzie on this one, George, but only this one. Don't think I'll fall for your irritating whining later on."


Cristina: "Ok, once and for all, settle this for us, Izzie. I won the hotdog eating contest, right? I beat the boys, right? Even if I did indeed hurl afterwards, I still won, right?"
Izzie: "Sorry, George, but Cristina has a point- she DID win, and for goodness sake, swallow that hot dog in your mouth already! The contest is over!"
George: (can't speak due to a full mouth) "mmpph"


Cristina: Hey, George. maby you'll be the first intern to scrub in this year to! wouldn't that be like a record or something ??

George: that's just mean.


Cristina: there is something wrong with the world when Bambi sleeps around with a model, and I get left at the alter..

Izzie: it wasn't really THE alter.

Bambi: not sleeps, slept. Once, not in plural. for God's sake. uncalled for.

Cristina: you know what I meen.


Christina: ok seriously, who got the first appendectomy? i was supposed to have to first appendectomy!!

Izzie: George got it.

George: What! Why did you tell her! (to Christina, intimidated) you can have it!

Izzie: nope its gotta be you george...don't you thinkn they will notice that you aren't even the same gender as christina?


Izzie: I modeled for Bethany Whisper to pay for medical school. Don't tell anyone.

George: Fine, as long as you don't tell anyone that I have slept with 4 women in this hospital.

Cristina: And I slept with my professor in medical school, which I think is a whole lot worse than both of you. So I win.


this picture is from the pilot. i miss the good old days. with 007 and o'malley being burke's guy


Cristina: "My left hand represents the tension before you two had sex.Now, look at my right hand, it might as well have a first class ticket to the tension bus."

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