Heidi Montag Sings Higher

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Take a look and listen to Heidi Montag singing her single, "Higher," at her recent 21st birthday party.

Gosh, Spencer Pratt must be proud:


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They need to make a brand new show with Hurley and Ben. Of course it wdouln't be a crappy spin-off. It'd be the second LOST and it could end with their deaths. Throughout the years people would come to the island and we would have more beloved characters. Then it would end with Hurley and Ben dying, and new people taking over. Then they could do a third spin-off. We could keep the Lost franchise going on forever.


That sucked!!!


OMG this video sucks not to mention when she first opened her mouth and started singing!!! More like American Idol reject!!


Dear lord. This is seriously one of the worst songs I've heard in a while. Stick to reality TV. And what's with the constant spirit fingers?!!