One Life To Live Spoilers: September 24-28

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Let's take a look at a few One Life to Live spoilers for the upcoming week...

  • Nathaniel Marston Photo In court of law, Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) owns up to jamming a blade 10 times into the body of Spencer Truman. Ouch. She provides details, including her observation of Spencer’s evil deed at the time.

From there, well, she goes a bit insane, prompting the judge to instantly pronounce the murder suspect guilty by reason of insanity.

  • Due to the verdict Lindsay must time at St. Ann’s, an institution for the mentally and emotionally challenged.
  • Nora feels bad for Lindsay.
  • In another courtroom - for custody of Tommy - Todd’s character is being assassinated by Michael (Nathaniel Marston, pictured) and Marcie’s lawyer.
  • She has plenty of ammunition to dredge up from his criminal past, specifically the incident with Margaret, Tommy’s biological mother.

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