Patrick Dempsey Featured in New TV Guide

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The patio dining room of the refined Hotel Bel-Air will never be the same for the two teen girls who just spotted Patrick Dempsey, one of the cover subjects of TV Guide's fall preview issue.

Dressed casually on an August morning in a striped shirt and jeans, the father of three (Talula, 5, and twins Darby and Sullivan, 7 months) has finished the morning newspaper and is digging into a plate of eggs Benedict.

Sexy Patrick
"Excuse me," the braver of the two squeaks. "We are from Saudi Arabia and we love Grey's Anatomy so much that we want to become surgeons."

Dempsey, 41, flashes the famous smile that sends estrogen levels surging, rises from the banquette and happily poses for a picture with the young ladies.

"I didn't even know the show was on in Saudi Arabia," he says, delighted.

Although last season Grey's Anatomy suffered from surprising complications â€" hard-to-diagnose storylines and painful backstage drama â€" the rabid audience that fell in love with the surgeons of Seattle Grace kept the faith.

And Patrick Dempsey's Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd remains the show's most feverishly admired male character.

"What's great about Patrick is that he's both warm and funny," says Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes. "He's just as dreamy as you'd think he'd be. And what I love about the way he plays this character is that he has ups and downs and always pulls them off."

Quick to return the compliment, Patrick Dempsey says of his boss:

"Shonda is very clear on where she wants to take the show, a real visionary. She is creating it as it goes along and you have to surrender to that. It took me a long time to come to terms with it, but that's why I go off and do other things like movies and racing to balance it out."

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wow im seriously obsessed with greys anatomy but mostly patrick dempsey. i would do anythin gin the world to meet him. hes my favorite actor and omg im like OBSESSED WITH HIM. i always read all this stuff about him. i think ive read atleast 100 biographies on him. and im extremely jealous of his wife because hes the sexiest, hottest, most attractive guy on the face of the planet. wow i would do anything in the world to meet himm


hopefully he[along with the other cast members]will comeback to Seattle so that my friends and I can finally meet them.


he is a babe! i dont know what to say but wow!


i love him!
he's so cute =)
i need to see that pics!


I have seen him IRL, i was behind him in a que about a year ago, but i didn't speak to him. I got so nervous just standing there so colse to him. hehe, its crazy how uncomfurtable you get in a position like that.


I love PD!


I´ve just seen the photos of McDreamy from this interview. He looks SERIOUSLY McHot. I´m sorry i don´t know how to give you limk to them. So if you jist go to grey´s anatomy news that´s were you´ll find them.


Haha, if I would have lots of money, I'd travel more then 6000 km to go to CA to see him :)


I would LOVE to run into Patrick Dempsey somewhere...probably not going to happen here in NC since he is in CA. (ha) but you NEVER know.....that would have to be one of the TOP things I would love to be able to do in my life time is to meet Patrick Dempsey! How cool would that be??? Seriously, it is basically as close to the top as it can go! (ha) One can always wish...right?
That had to be a nice surprise for those girls in the hotel that August morning!!


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