Shonda Rhimes: Derek Loves Meredith!

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After Shonda Rhimes and TV Guide's Michael Ausiello exchanged words about the critic's review of Private Practice, the producer of both shows gave him some hot scoop concerning the Grey's Anatomy embattled supercouple.

If you don't mind Grey's Anatomy spoilers, follow the jump to read her comments on Meredith and Derek, as well as another couple we know ...

"I want to be clear that Derek loves Meredith," Shonda Rhimes said, as if to put the debate over Lexie Grey to rest once and for all. "Derek loves Meredith more than anything. I can't imagine Derek going anyplace else other than Meredith."

And as if to butter up the TV Guide sleuth even more, the Grey's Anatomy creator and executive producer handed him the biggest gift a Grey's Anatomy fan could ask for (at least in his opinion): a death certificate with O'Mizzie's name.

Oh, O'Mizzie

"A lot of people aren't sold on Izzie and George," Rhimes acknowledged. "I think the mistake that everyone makes is that we are telling you Izzie and George are the love story of the century; they're not the love story of the century. When other people find out about Izzie and George ... remember, people don't know about them yet â€" other people might think that's not a good idea either."

Lastly, on the red carpet, James Pickens Jr. teased that there will be some drama surrounding Richard's living situation (i.e., you won't believe who's moving in next door)! Interesting! Comments?

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Ok. When i first heard that George and izzie were hookin up i was happy because i love them. When i actually saw it i nearly vomited. Absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. Wrong wrong wrong. They are so Will and Grace! also my boyfriend is so sick to death of me talkin about MerDer all the time and their chemistry. But we both sat down last night and looked at My Favourite Mistake on the DVD. Ya know the last scene where Derek was tellin Meredith that he was distracted durin the Board Interview and she said how bad. He said eight and she kept kissin him until it got to one. That was sizzling. My boyfriend couldn't stop talkin about it and how real they were and how totally into one another they were and how naturally they fit. He's addicted now. MerDer forever.


Maybe every side should respect the other's opinions. It is pretty obvious a lot of people love George and Izzie and a lot of people don't. People will love different things. I love George and Izzie and I don't need to explain why, I just do. I am hating this site, there seems to be no one controlling what is being said at all.


Talking about having nothing to do, Maddie, you must have nothing to do too as half the comments on there seem to come from you. You sure spend a lot of energy talking about a couple you don't like. I watch soap operas and I work. This is what PVR (or DVR in the States) are for. I work 40 hours a week and get to watch my shows too. I might be the only one, but I thought Izzie was falling in love with george when Denny was still alive and she didn't notice it. Just the way she talked about him all the time, to anyone who would listen, even Denny. The Denny thing was always mroe like Romeo and Juliette t me, the whole tragic thing appealing to Izzie. Not saying she didn't love him, but the tragic part of it did play a part in their love story. Not sure they would have worked if he lived as they really did not know anything about achh other. George and Izzie on the other hand know each other so well and love each other. Like Shonda said, George loves Izzie, all of her, even he flaws. Now that is real love. There is nothing Romeo and Juliet about Gizzie at all, just two best friends who have always shared everything discovering too late they were in love. Most of the arguments from Gizzie fans I have read were well-articulated and thoughtful, I failed to see any Gizzie rocks, squee comments you are mentioning. Maybe you should reread correctly before saying thinhs that make no sense at all.


to Alexandra: you are trying so desperately to find a reason to show that I have twisted moral values as well with your comment concerning derek and meredith..but im sorry that is something you are completely making up as you can see in NO comments of mine anything about MerDer's actually neutral about that. and looking back, there WAS a difference though, derek was separated and wasn't sleeping with 2 people AT THE SAME TIME;)
george is leading callie on, not admitting he's cheated on her AND promising her a baby!im sorry but he's weak and i have no sympathy for him. he's unfair to izzie and callie not having the guts to make up him mind.
and concerning the moving on thing: it really wasnt a year, it was more like within months that izzie moved on..and even if people do move on soon after a loved one has died, there is no documented proof for the reasons they do it. my bet is they move on because of fear of loneliness and because they want someone who would ease their pain and make life bearable again..i doubt people who have lost their loved ones have a bigger chance of fallling head over heels in love over the next year than other people:) if you can prove that, you should get a nobel prize for that!


to Karevsanatomy:i completely agree with you! And to Amanda, i don't see the reason why you feel the need to justify yourself..i dont care if you are french and you have worked for 25 years and please,think as you wish,you are entitled to your opinion, it's what democracy is all about. i just expressed my happiness that those people who dont like that soap opera style farfetched drama between izzie and george are finally speaking up because previously, all i read was a la "yay, love gizzie, they are the only reason i watch the show..gizzie forever, etc..". as to stay-at-home moms, im sorry, but look at the statistics, they are the main audience of soap operas in the united states..other people would just not be able to watch them as they are either at work or at school at the time these shows are on. dont take it personally.these are just facts and before becoming all emotional, i never said anywhere that stay-at-home moms have nothing to do all next time, before writing hasty comments, just read first.


Love both gizzie and Merder and hope they get some happiness.


I love George and Izzie, they have such amazing chemistry, both romantic and friendship. I know chemistry is subjective, but theirs is just explosive. I find myself reglarly saying Wow watching them. They leave me breathless and they are the reason why I watch this show. But seriously, people calm down, this is a show. I guess it is telling that Gizzie gets such strong reaction, on BOTH sides, they get more reaction and passion than even MerDer. Katherine Heigl said that half the people she met totally LOVED george and Izzie together and the other half hated them, but that she had not met one eprson that was indifferent to them and she thought that was interesting. Thiose comments prove that.


Izzie treats George like a possesion? Funny because I thought it was Callie doing that. Every single time George does something that displeases her, she taps him on the nose with the enwspaper like a dog. isn't that what George told her? He also told Izzie that Callie made him feel like he was wrong all the time. She wants George to herself and was even willing for him to go to an inferior hospital, so he would ave no distractions from her. izzie, on the other had, lied about ehr feelings for him so he would stay at the hospital with his other friends and would not ruin his caeer. Now that is REAL love. Izzie was willing to help him with his marriage if that was what he wanted. That is REAL love.


I'm not a fan of George/Izzy -- I liked how they were in seasons 1 and 2. I find their storyline a little off the mark for my tastes. Don't hate it, just not fond of it. But yay for Mer/Der! = the reason I watch GA.


People, seriously. This is a SHOW. These are not real people. Remember to just have some fun.

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