Shonda Rhimes: Private Practice Won't Disappoint

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Fans who watched the Emmys may have noticed that right before the cameras started rolling on Michael Ausiello's interview with Shonda Rhimes, there was drama between the show's producer and the TV Guide sleuth.

Shonda Rhimes

Well, Ausiello weighs in on the situation as follows: "Let's just say the queen of Shondaland had some issues with the rather harsh review I gave the Private Practice opener and, as a result, was a little hesitant to give me the time of day, let alone an on-camera interview."

But proving that she is a good sport and not above constructive criticism, Shonda Rhimes eventually gave the critic a chance to explain in detail why the May episode of Private Practice left a bad taste in his mouth.

Rhimes was receptive to all points and reassured viewers that if they stick with the show they won't be disappointed. And that may not be mere spin.

Several reliable moles outside of ABC say that next week's premiere, "In Which We Meet Addison ... " is a vast improvement over the May debut.

As long as there are no characters communicating with floor tile, at least this one TV Guide critic be a happy camper... and he says that we will know what he means by that last remark in due time.

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