A Look at the Older Generation of Heroes

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While many of the Heroes we know and love are stuck in various locations, with seemingly unrelated story lines currently bogging them down (Peter in Ireland; Hiro in feudal Japan), the main focus of season two so far has been the older generation of Heroes.

Who are they? What do they know? And who is taking them?

With that in mind, let's take a look at the picture of who we assume to be the 12 members of this group, courtesy of Nathan's family picture album.


There are the ones we already knew about: Kaito Nakamura, Charles Deveaux, Daniel Linderman, Angela Petrelli, and Angela's husband (who the Mobile Game has informed us is named Arthur).

The other member we've already met is Bob, the Company man played by Stephen Tobolowsky who's working with Mohinder.

Then, there's Parkman's father. Molly says he's The Boogeyman. Matt says he left home when his son was 13 years old.

From there, we have five completely mysterious people in the photograph, all of whom we'll speculate about below:. First up is this guy, who looks vaguely Hispanic. As such, perhaps it's safe to assume he's Maya and Alejandro's father or relative.

Next, there's an African American woman. Could she be a younger Nana Dawson (Nichelle Nichols)? The old woman is clearly more important than she seems, acting as if she knows something she cannot reveal.

At this point, anyone older in the cast we're guessing has a connection to this generation of Heroes.

Now, things get even harder to speculate about We're left a grey-haired white guy and two white women, one blonde and one brunette. They could be anyone. Let's base our guesses on their placement in the photograph.

The brunette woman is right next to Mr. Parkman, but Matt would have mentioned if that were his mother, right? It could be another Parkman relative.

heroes-greyhairman.jpgThe grey-haired guy is kneeling in front of them. Due to his proximity to the known Boogeyman, could he also be evil? Sylar's father? Or maybe even an aged, time-traveling Kensei.

That just leaves the blonde woman, all the way on the left-hand side of the photograph. We already know Kristen Bell's character, Elle, will be working for the Company. So it doesn't seem like a stretch to say this is her mom.

Of course, what do we know? We could be mistaken in every instance. Do you have any theories? Let us know in our

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i am gonna show this to my friend, dude


I think that Arthur Petrelli is looking at Claude, the invisible man.
In the picture of Kaito with the Godsend symbol over his face,
there is a shoulder in the pic. It's wearing a yellow suit
coat. In the picture above, nobody is wearing that suit, and
Kaito and Bob have enough space between them to have another
(tall) person standing there. Also, I don't think Arthur Petrelli had any powers, based on
the information from the novels. So, Claude would be the 12th
special person in the group.


here's my thoughts on picture... mr petrelli has to be kensei / adam. the symbol of mr petrelli's law firm is the kensei symbol that seemed to start back in fuedal japan. adam was one of the founding members of the company... which means he should have to be in the picture. no one else looks like kensei / adam other then mr petrelli which would explain why he's looking to the side. mrs petrelli was involved at one point with mr nakamura. if they had a child im guessing it's hero which would make hiro half brothers with peter and nathan. which would make claire the half niece of hiro. if you're looking at a genetic standpoint "powers/ dominant & recessive genes" can skip genetrations which would explain why claire can heal like her grandfather. if that's the case could west be related to nathan as well? that would explain why certain powers are overlapping.


when i look closely at kaito nakamura i notice some statue type thing just over his shoulder.
it looks to me like a baby who just happenes to be directly between kaito and angela...
and why is Mr. petrelli looking over his shoulder?
WHAT is he looking at?? I know I wrote this on another page but that was before I saw this one.
I am new to this site...sorry


As a matter of fact I do know how to spell "Petrelli" but I was typing fast and hit the wrong letter. I realized after I hit submit, too late to change it. But gee Tony, thank's for editing my post. Are you going to mark it up in red and send it back or should I just make the corrections based on your above comment? You know, the one that added absolutely nothing useful to the converstion.


it's ok. you spelled "distressed" wrong. i'm guessing that Elle is Bob's daughter. It seems to me that Arthur Petrelli might be trying to call to someone outside the frame of the picture...


and yes the misspelling of interested was intentional.


I am istressed that a person would post on a Heroes forum and not know how to spel Petrelli.


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In the last episode when Nathan and Parkman are looking at pictures at Nathans house You can see the 12th person sitting infront of Parkmans dad. He is a small man with white hair, but he is not in the picture above?


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