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On the heels of interviews with Dania Ramirez and Shalim Ortiz, Entertainment Weekly continues to bring us insight into various Heroes actors.

The latest? Adair Tishler, better known to fans as Molly Walker...

EW: How would you describe Molly?
Adair Tishler: Molly is just a fun-loving girl. She's raised by two men so I suspect she might grow up to be a tomboy. She's a little paranoid because she did see her parents get killed in front of her.

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EW: What's your power?
Adair Tishler: My power is I can find anyone or anything. I would love to have that because I lose a lot of stuff.

EW: Why do the bad guys want your power?
Adair Tishler: Think about it: Sylar wants everybody's power, but to have their power, he has to find them.

EW: Where do we find you in Season Two?
Adair Tishler: Molly is living with Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg). She's trying to find out who the boogie man is, but she's afraid to. She knows that she's in grave danger, but the men don't really understand. I don't want to look for the bad guys and the men do want me to, so they can stop them.

EW: What's it like being a part of Heroes?
Adair Tishler: The Heroes world is crazy and fun because the cast is clowns, literally. The two guys I work with, Sendhil and Greg; one of them has a baby and one of them has three kids, so they're used to children. They're crazy and they're really nice. They're awesome.

EW: Are they like father figures to you?
Adair Tishler: It's more like I'm the mother figure because they're just kids. They just play around. The first day I got there, they were like, ''Do you like see food?'' They did all those jokes. I was like, ''Aren't you supposed to be the adults?'' Me, Hayden Panetierre and Noah Gray-Cabey are the oldest people at heart. And Noah's a big super genius. He's in the 9th grade math, and he's 11.

EW: Is it hard not to give away Heroes spoilers?
Adair Tishler: My friends ask me constantly. I'm like, ''I can't tell you! I'm sorry!'' After the season finale actually I was in another audition. The casting director stopped me and was like, ''Does Sylar live?'' I was like, ''I can't tell you, I'm sorry.''

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