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All My Children Spoiler: Tad Discovers Daughter

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Here's a brief All My Children spoiler, in time for November Sweeps:

Tad (Michael E. Knight, pictured) will learn about his biological daughter, Kate, with the late Dixie. Sound like a recipe for fun!

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All My Children Quotes

Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt: Palmer, come on. It's a perfectly understandable concern. I mean, nobody knows what the future will hold. A meteor could drop on the Valley Inn tonight and kill us all.
Palmer Cortlandt: Well, that's a cheery thought.
Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt: Oh. And what would happen to Leo then?
Palmer Cortlandt: Well, he'd be dead. I mean, a meteor, you know.

Opal: You could have another heart attack if you're aggravated enough.
Palmer: Then leave, and save my life.

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