Allan Heinberg on "The Heart of the Matter"

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You've watched the episode and shared your thoughts with our site, as well as with fellow fans, via comments and forum discussions. Now it's time to read what writer Allan Heinberg has to say about the newest Grey's Anatomy drama.

On the show's official writers blog, Allan has posted his thoughts on "The Heart of the Matter." Follow the link at the bottom for the full column. Excerpts below...


Not long ago, one of my smartest and most soulful friends found herself in the middle of a brutal divorce at exactly the same time my own ten-year relationship imploded. We were both wrecked, but we got through it by convincing ourselves and each other that with time and therapy, we'd be able to let go and move on.

A year and a half later, it still wasn't happening.

I mean, even if I was able to let go of all my anger and be grateful for the 10 years we had together, how was I supposed to get in touch with him after 16 months of terrible silence and say, "I forgive you"? What the hell does he care if I've forgiven him. He's probably already moved on and doesn't feel he needs it.

So what did I do? I did what most television writers do when they need the answer to one of life's unanswerable questions: I wrote a Grey's Anatomy episode about forgiveness and hoped to learn something along the way.

Chief Resident Material

George cheated on Callie. He did. He didn't mean to, exactly. George has proven himself to be a principled, loving person in the past. But in a moment of angry, drunken weakness, he fell into bed with his best friend and apparently fell in love with her, too. Then George lied to Callie about it. For a long time.

When he did finally tell Callie about his infidelity, he didn't say he was in love with Izzie. He told her he'd slept with her. Maybe because he didn't want to hurt Callie any more than he already had. Or perhaps because he was hoping she'd be the one to end the marriage so he wouldn't have to?

Instead, George got a response he'd never considered. Callie forgave him. For Callie, that's what you do - especially when you've made a lifelong commitment to someone - you forgive him. No matter what. That's what love's about, right?

So Callie forgave George. And George suddenly found himself paralyzed - unable to move - until it became clear that Callie, in fact, did not forgive George.

In spite of her best efforts, she'd been hurt, betrayed, and humiliated to the point where forgiveness was impossible. And she had no forgiveness for Izzie - even if Izzie seems to have finally realized that, while she and George may be the heroes of their own love story, in Callie's story, they're the bad guys.

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Callie would never forgive Izzie. NEVER. I really never thought of Izzie and Callie as friends to begin with. Yes, we know that George was half striken with grief and marrying callie seemed like an out at the time. Whether or not he truely loved her i'm not so sure of. George is kind of stoic. the only time u can tell that he really feels something is if he's REALLY worried and upset about something. Callie isn't going to forgive George either. I wouldn't forgive him. and lately it's quite clear to me that George isn't going to leave callie for izzie. that's not how he works. and after what happened I think he needs to find a way to prove himself in the eyes of his wife.


Thank you why compare! Just thank you!


i agree with Amy and Anna, firstly George and Izzie were meant for each other from the start, it was so obvious, starting from the moment they were room mates, even when George was sleeping with Callie Izzie was jealous as ever, she nvr approved of George being with another girl. She wanted only his attention! Even when she was trying to get over Denny she was with George and desperately wanting to be with him...with the cheque and even more so with she was talking with Denny it had been about George!! :P She was pretty much "in love" with him since the beginning! Friends make the best me. Why would anyone want Alex and Izzie together?! They both were nvr as loving and romantic as Gizzie, plus they were nvr close frens. Most of their r/s was for the sex! which is meaningless and shallow...They were nvr in love with each other and never will be as long as George is still around! :) And yess...the way Izzie looks at George especially when he confessed his love, and before that was pure excitement and love! "Their skins are practically on fire whenever they are round each other!" She is proud of HIM! isn't tht to die for?! Their relationship can only get stronger after this ordeal... *fingers crossed*


No, the Gizzie fans are not idiots, the Alex and Izzie ones are. Why would anyone even want them together and claim to be Alex fans? She treated him like total crap underneath her shoes. he practically adored her and she always put everyone else above him : Meredith, George, Denny, George again. I see her look at george especially in that determined scene and just glowing at him and looking at him with so much love and she never looked at Alex like that, heck I don't think she even looked at Denny like that and people want Alex with a girl who never loved him, brought out the worst in him (betting on Denny's death and taking pleasure in his pain, which is sicker than anything George and Izzie have ever done)? Why because Alex supposedly looks hotter than George? Hmm, yes that is being an idiot. Wanting a couple together who are best friends, are cute, funny, sexy,k are each other's person and soulmates and make each other happy and have amazing chemistry is pretty smart.


Hello in case you missed it, George was half crazy with grief over his dad dying, he was not exactly in his right mind and he thought marriage would solve his grief. Any idiots know that people who are grieving make very very stupid decisions. That is why the people around them have to not let them make such monumental decisions when they are in that state. George might have not been right to propose, but Callie, who was in her right mind, was even more colossaly stupid to suggest they elope especially when george had never demonstrated any commitment to her before. You are that stupid and you manipulate a vulnerable guy like that, you deserve what you get. And Alex was not worried about Callie, LOL, his ego was bruised, because no matter what you say about Izzie, she was never ever in love with Aelx to his despair. He pined after her like an idiot but he just a little sexual relief for her. Izzie loved two guys : Denny and George, they are the two guys she said I love you to. The Denny thing I get, he was dying and a great guy and he was in love with her and it made it all the more romantic and urgent to be together. But if he had lived, I think they would not have worked out because George was and always has been her person. Even back when Denny was alive, George was the one she always talked about and missed and she was totally jealous of Callie from day 1. Not sure if people were blind but the signs of them falling in love were there a very long time ago. Go back and watch that episode in season 2 with the divorce lawyer, the signs there are really obvious. And in season 3, even more obvious, please George it's me, it's us, come on! izzie begging and desperate and talking about George all the freaking time after his marriage, so obvious! I know she said she was not over Denny but I think she said that to Alex because she didn't want to move on with him and she didn't understand why so she convinced herself it was because of Denny when all along it was because he wasn't the guy she was in love with, George was


Anna i agree with EVERYTHING. That you´ve just said.


Callie Rocked. When she told Izzie "don't come to me for forgiveness you traitorous bitch" That was just damn good. I can't handle the fact that Izzie thinks that it is ok for her to have done what she did with George. I mean come on. You spent days after days moping after Denny. And then suddenly you are in love again? with your best friend? I totally agree with Karev. At least feel some remorse for Callie. And if she wants to kick your ass, let her do it and then some more. It isnt Callie's fault that George didnt have the brains to have known it was a mistake from the start. He once admitted that he will fall in love with Callie "soonish" because he was still hung up on Meredith. He should have known then, that this was not a marriage material relationship. And after one night of drunken sex, he is in love with Izzie. Most probably it might turn out to be a mistake too. And then he will justify it by saying, "I made a mistake by being being with Callie cos I didnt know how to handle rejection by Meredith. I married Callie because I didn't know how to handle my father's death. And then I went on and made another mistake with Izzie cos I didnt know how to handle being married to a wrong woman. Now who shall I commit another mistake cos I can't handle Izzie being everywhere around me!" But I still love Izzie, because her love story with Denny was one of my fav. And I still love George.. Cos he is just ...George after all. And now Callie has joined my fav list.


I agree with missoldgreys. I want the old drama, not a silly soap opera. The old Grey's had the interns considering big questions of life as they watched their patients face even graver difficulties. I don't care about Izzie and George. I do love Mer/Der, but I wish we had the old cockie Meredith who threw him out the morning after and within hours realized how serious her job really was when her very first patient coded and she knew Alex misdiagnosed an old person. This whiny Meredith is no fun and not attractive - chasing around after Norman was just dumb. Old Meredith was smarter than that! Making Derek act like the pushy, arrogant Burke doesn't fit either. I liked it better when we had the pathos of Meredith dealing with her Mom's disease. Maybe we will see her deal with the grief of her father now -- that would put her back in a mature role, I think. But I do hope Derek stops being such a bully -- he's trying to make Meredith be the perfect wife he couldn't get Addison to be. It's his problem, not hers. That's not how marriage works. And does anyone remember that Meredith was the first to declare her love to Derek? Why does she get no credit for that, and why doesn't he take any of the blame on himself for hurting her so much when he 1) never told her he was married and 2) left her to go back to his wife? I hope they get happiness soon. This is getting boring.


somehow greys seem missing something, i cant describe it.. the characters are in this circle of destruction or somthing that no one gets what they want...


Those of you who think Izzie and George make a good couple - you're idiots. Sorry.
For one, Izzie falls in love with a different guy each and every season. She's confused, immature, and emotionally fickle.
George has gone through more melodrama from the beginning of the season - slept with Meredith (disaster), dated Callie (who he really does like as a friend) and then ACCIDENTALLY slept with Izzie while drunk and now, convinced by the melodramatic Izzie - he's in love with her??? I don't think so -- he's in love with the idea of having accidentally slept with his best friend who is blond, popular, and out of his league. He wants to be accepted.
Meanwhile, the Writers of Grey's continue to string us along with this immature love triangle when the only person who has SOME sense in this is Callie. And SHE's the one being hurt - constantly. I hope Callie dumps George and makes him feel like the complete and total IDIOT he is for not ending the relationship himself. And I hope George runs to Izzie, right after Izzie falls in love with another patient (predictable, writers). Because as we know, Izzie doesn't stay in love with ANYONE beyond one season.
And if the writers had any sense, they'd let the George character come out because he's obviously not having ANY luck with women. It'd make total sense for him to just be who he is. The emotional struggle that he constantly goes through with women is that of acceptance. It happened with his dad, with his brothers, with women, everything. George is a classic case of self-denial in a closeted gay man. He needs to come out and just BE who he is and stop having meaningless sex with fickle girls like Izzie and stop hurting mature women like Callie.
Come on, writers - get writing.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.