Brittany Underwood: From Britney Spears to One Life to Live

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Brittany Underwood is a college sophomore who manages to juggles a contract role on One Life to Live with a full course load.

As Soap Opera Digest found out during a recent feature on the actress, she lives on campus and commutes to work. She also had different dreams at one time.

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"At first I wanted to be a singer like Britney Spears," Underwood said. "When I was little I did plays in the community theater. I was in Sleeping Beauty and then Snow White. I was a little woodland creature, a chipmunk, but I did the singing for Snow White. I did plays in middle school and high school."

And it's all led to this: a role on One Life to Live that's close to being in the main spotlight of the show these days.

The soap opera is by far Underwood's steadiest gig, though her resume is impressive for a young talent. Her first job was on Law & Order: SVU. She also she spent part of last summer performing in the Shakespeare in the Park production of Brecht's Mother Courage and her Children.Recently, Underwood did her share of singing on One Life to Live's "Prom Night: The Musical" storyline, which sparked some fan frenzy over Langston's love/hate relationship with Markko (Jason Tam). The characters are now a couple, but the squabbling continues.

Despite school and the show, Underwood still has time for fun. She has a steady boyfriend and enjoys a relatively normal existence.

"I love campus life," said the actress. "It's so much fun being able to go at 3 o'clock to your neighbor's room and ask for something or talk. It's a cool little community. Everyone is going through the same things; you are all the same age."

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