Days of Our Lives Spoiler: The Fate of John

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Rumors of Drake Hogestyn being fired are only gonna intensify after this news: In a revealing Days of Our Lives spoiler, John Black will be involved in a fatal car accident.

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That's right, the character actually dies. So this certainly means the end of Hogestyn on the show, right? Maybe not, according to Days of Our Lives officials:

"Things in Salem may not always be what they seem. The show has no official comment at this time," they said.

Guess we'll have to tune in and find out.

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Oh my gosh they are bringing Drake back onto the show! I hope they go another direction with Kate though. I really would love to see her her and Roman back together or here's a thought bring back Nicholas Alamain!


You kill off John and let a slime let EJ Wells die??? No wonder the ratings are the lowest ever!!!!!AMC didnt want James Scott..I guess they wanted better ratings.Gues what they got better ratings Days went down the tubes!!!
Get rid of James Scott..
We dont need a wanna be james bond


I know jophn will die


John BLack was an exceptional match for the sexy Marlena on "Days of our Lives".
There is no way ANY MAN other than him will be accepted in Drake Hogestyn's role by the fans of the show. We feel very cheated and are saddened at his departure as we feel he was one of the hardest working actors on the set. We have enjoyed many marvelous hours of joy from all their scenes together. He was not only Marlan's hero but our hero as well and always will be.Please hire him back.


I cannot get over Days Writers! Why would you get Sammy with a man who raped you? Why would you bring Chloe back who just conveniently got divorced from Brady? Why would you simply kill off John which you know would upset all the viewers? Why would you do something as stupid as keep a triangle going between Belle, Phillip and Shawn? Get over it. I'm sick of seeing this now. Also, how about Bo and Hope? The former super couple? Why can't something really hot get going with their characters? Kayla and STeve? Beef them up again....I thought the original story of Kayla, Steve and Billie triangle was really kewl...Billie stirred up trouble for Bo and HOpe for years and we all stuck around to watch it...why not let Billie stir trouble for Kayla and STeve?
Oh, and how about Kate and Roman? Now there is a HOT story brewing....sparks a flying. Chelsea and Nick? They are cute, but they aren't hot....Chelsea needs to be with someone else....the Max and Stephanie story is excellent. I would like to see more of those two.


Personally I always like Marlene and Roman together but to kill John off is crazy, this is a love that has conquered all... Can't at least one couple live a happy ending? And as for Sammi, can't her and Lucus be together. I'm in Australia and we're a little behind but I get on the net to see what will happen and when,I can't stand to see Sammi come undone AGAIN, a pertenity issue AGAIN and more of Salems finest die and rise from the dead AGAIN !!!!! I think I'll just tune out and stick with The Young and the Restless for the next 12 months. These writers need to stop doing re runs of old rehashed episodes !!! These writers need to stop doing re runs of old rehashed episodes !!! These writers need to stop doing re runs of old rehashed episodes !!! These writers need to stop doing re runs of old rehashed episodes !!! These writers need to stop doing re runs of old rehashed episodes !!! These writers need to stop doing re runs of old rehashed episodes !!! GETS OLD!!! Doesn't it??? Especially when you've been watching since the 80s... It's done unless they change it up.


Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn's Marlena and John were the greatest couple Salem has ever seen.I've been watching the show since the early 80's and I can tell you there have been some great pairings, but nobody - NOBODY had more onscreen chemistry than these two. It's just ridiculous that the shows producers couldn't understand that the fans WANT to see Deidre and Drake onscreen in a pivitol storyline, not just as window dressing in their children's storylines. Hey, Mr Corday, get on your knees, make nice, and beg Drake to come back and give the fans back John and Marlena Black. You're losing viewers every day these two are absent from the screen. Recognize - before it's too late!


WHAT THE HECK!!!!!! I love John and Marlena, was hoping they would finally find happiness and POOF he is gone... I HATE DAYS!!! took it off the DVR wont have it back till i hear rumors that they faked John's death to get rid of adrian... BOOOOO TO THE WRITERS!!!! Wish they would see this!


john wont be gone for long i dont care how he comes back as long as it soon i knew that hogan was up to something and mr scott wound not make waves to sink our fav soap.. keep up the grat job


Besides Bo, Hope, Steve, & Kayla I also love John & Marlena. I Can't Believe they killed him but it was certainly touching. I cried when they were at the hospital, at the funeral & when they were showing memories. It was great but I hope they bring him back. This whole thing was beautifully wriiten.

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