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Just hours to go until the second episode of Season Four. We've heard from Shonda Rhimes, talked about it at length ourselves and read some of the potential Grey's Anatomy spoilers for tonight. Now it's time to watch the drama unfold!

Share your thoughts on "Love/Addiction" and all things Grey's before and after the episode with fellow fans in our forum. Hear what others have to say about the many developments at Seattle Grace. Just click HERE to join the discussion!

Bitter Bailey?

As always, we will have our exclusive Insider episode recap up as soon as possible following the show, along with our music guide, list of memorable quotes, and photo gallery. We strive to make your viewing experience complete! Enjoy.

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Seattle Grace is not the same without Addison.


Does anyone know the quote (narration) Meredith said at the beginning of the show? I heard the one at the end, but I am curious about the beginning?


Private Practice is what Grey's used to be. You could have not watched last night's show and not missed a thing! The Izzy/George thing will never replace the sexy excitement created by MerDer. The Chief was bizarre. Miranda is being kicked to the curb. What's the deal with Callie as Chief Resident? Meredith needs to grow up and get over the parental issues. The Lexie thing is really lame. Why is she constantly confronting Meredith? Get a clue. And, by the way, when it's your first day as an intern ANYWHERE, much less in a hospital - when there is a major car crash and the doctors are urgently trying to get people in to surgery - that's not a very good time to stop one of the doctors and blurt out "I'm the sister that you've never met who is now here as an intern." There are better times and places to explore something like that. I'm really disappointed in the season so far. I was really expecting much more.


Jessica, thousands and thousands of us love george and Izzie together, you are definitely not the only person who feels that way. All my friends are totally obsessed with them. I recently found this board caleld Fanforum and they have a section for Grey there and there is this huge fanbase for George and Izzie there, over 200 fans, you should check it out, it is pretty cool. George told Callie he loved her only when he proposed, months after she told him. he told Izzie after 17 days, telling no? I also have never seen him look at Callie or kiss her like he does Izzie, boy has got it bad and Izzie seems to have it bad too. They were so great in this week's episode, so adorable and sexy, I want them together more than ever. Best friends make the best lovers!


How hot were George and Izzie with that almost-kiss? wowza! Hate what they are doing to MerDer, they have evolved past that, what is Shonda doing or thinking or is she thinking? Alex and Lexie, hmm, interesting. Poor poor Lexie!


I loved the episode, but they are runing Meredith. I hated how she was with Lexie, who is so nice, hated it, and the way she treated Derek like a sex object, why? They are runing MerDer. George and Izzie were so cute and hot and funny and adorable. I love that they waited until they tell Callie, says a lot about them and them wanting to do the right thing, because they obviously did want each other. Callie should let him go, he loves Izzie not her. Alex was so adorable with that baby but that case was heartbreaking, meth baby, sniff.


I am sorry but I have to laugh at the person saying she is the only George and Izzie fan at the planet. The Gizzie poll on this site has 56% of people saying they want them together, and there are 6000 votes so far, that means thousands of people want them together. From what I have observed, it seems half and these days maybe more want them together and the rest hate them, but the haters are def. not the majority. The Grey matter blog had about 80% of comments there being pro-Gizzie, so much for you being the only one. And just to let you know, I love them, my family loves them and my teenage daughter loves them, you are hadrly the only one.


Sorry, don't know why the link won't work. Go to zaptoit...click on ratings (over on the left side of screen) and then over to the right of the screen there are headlines to click on....There is one that says...sometihing about ...Mystery woman added to GA cast... I'm alittle worried here or maybe they are trying to make us worry...Can't we ever go for more than 1-2 episodes with Mer/Der without worring about them????
But on the interview with Patrick a few weeks ago @ a race, he said that what we want to happen will...and this season is going ot be lighter and everyone will really like it better..so you know they wouldn't even think of creating a problem with these two already would they....maybe Patrick didn't know at that time of the interview what lied ahead for his character at the time of his interview...?? who knows??
And maybe Meredith needs alittle reality check again where Derek is concerned. She needs to make more of an effort if she really wants to keep him in her life!!!


I saw this article today about GA bringing in another character to work with Derek. I find this alittle disturbing and wonder what this means for Mer/Der..........OMG...follow the link below http://tv.zap2it.com/tveditori...|107249|1|,00.html


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

You almost died like men.


I miss my dad.