George and Izzie: So What's the Deal?

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Even after the tormented O'Malley finally came clean in the closing moments of "Let the Truth Sting," many fans are surely wondering what the heck going on with George and Izzie on Grey's Anatomy? Are they breaking up or not?

A Strained Friendship
Married Couple

Even super-sleuth Michael Ausiello of TV Guide is confused. He writes on the subject. Follow the jump for a Grey's Anatomy spoiler (or two) ...

Michael writes: "I honestly don't know what to believe. After my interview with Shonda Rhimes at the Emmys, I thought for sure she was pulling the plug on this ill-conceived romance. But yesterday I got an unconfirmed tip that Gizzie is still alive and kicking in Episode 8. That's right. Episode 8 of Season 4!

That means we've got at least five more weeks of these two! The mole also reports that in the same episode, Mer and Der are still going strong with their whole "let's have sex but not be super serious" thing. Which is good... or bad?"

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Ok guys Callie is not fat. Callie and George were an awsome couple and Izzie just decided that she needed a rebound guy. And OMG stop saying GIZZIE its so stupid. George and Izzie will never work. Izzie just needs to buy a cat and move on. And Callie and Sloan woulndn't be good either cuz he would just cheat on her. SO THERE!!!!!!


omg i hate izzie and greorge there's nooo sexual tension and its just plain not cute. everyone is cute and sexy but izzie and george. actually shepard and meredith are kinda annoying but atleast they have good chemistry george and izzie apart are greatbut they should NOT be together it DOESN"T work


Ok, I love George and Izzie as a couple but please people, can we love them without insulting Callie? Both women are beautiful and I don't envy George the decision. That said, I am O'Stevens all the way. Beautiful friendship, beautiful love! I am not an advocate of adultery and I agree that it would have been far better for George to end his marraige without sleeping with Izzie first. However, he didn't wake up that morning and go "Hmmm, think I'll go have sex with my best friend..." No, this happened and it was a surprise for them both. It woke them up to what I've seen all along- they belong together! They have always had more chemistry than any brother and sister I've ever known, thank God! Oh, and the comment about George being gay was so not called for. Remember, we are talking about George O'Malley here, not T.R. Knight.


if shonda or 1 of the writers of greys were to read these comments you know theres way more ostevens fans!!!!but there actually is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more!!!!!!i mean cmon the show is world wide duh get a clue.and there billions of ostevens fans that do nt even know this website!!!!


Gizzie is sick... just sick! I hate Shonda for doing that to us. The whole show has become as bad as every show... only stupid love stories! I am sorry but it is the same as BH 90210 or Melrose Place... everything is about love and complicated stupid relationships. Gizzie is the worst... it is sooo unrealistic and has turned Izzie into a person - suffering, whiny, annoying and George has suddenly become this strange intern - he was funny - now he is a "serious" man? sorry? and all because his father died? Bullllllshiiiit!


oh my bad i meant to say GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!


gosh callies biggest fan shut up and get a life.and you are blnd not to see izzie is prettier than callie.who won the emmie,who is on the front pages of magazines,who did george go for and why do lots of docters love her huh huh?and izzie was fat but not as nearly as much as callie.and she pulled it tiogether callie wont!!!!!!!!so get a lie bitch!!!!


i'm soooo happy to see so many gizzie fans on here! I adore George and Izzie they are the cutest couple ever. i have nothing against callie and i dont think she's fat but she doesnt belong w/george. him and izzie are soulmates its that simple. i love katherine heigl aka izzie she is the prettiest one on the show!!!


Wow. First of all people please! stop calling them Gizzie! as for them 2 being together, i am totally for it! they are very cute together, and they actually can admit they have feelings for eachother. all of the other characters are so screwed up with their relationships. and here George and Izzie are actually happy together and love each other. I dont see the problem with them being together. yea at first their chemistry was a little weird, but now there is actually a lot of hot chemistry between them. they realized they were meant to be with eachother. I also think Shonda is a brilliant writer! she doesnt care if people dont like them together, she knows that there are a lot of people who do like George and Izzie, and she is writing the story for those who do like it! i just think they need to give Izzie and George a chance! and give both characters a brake! they are happy together so let them be!


I'm sorry but Izzie and George won't last because cheaters never do! Also Callie is just as pretty as Izzie and she is not fat so stop hating because I'm sure Callie is prettier than a lot of you girls on here who call her fat! It's wrong to call someone that and if you go back in the day you would see that Izzie was fat to when she came in the Chucky movie! My point is everyone goes through that time in there life were they feel fat but I love Callie's character and If I was Callie I would dump that loser anyway because George is nothing just like Alex said! I don't agree with cheating on your spouse and if I was Callie and I wouldn't even worry about it because they won't last anyway!!! Trust me people they wont last so keep thinking that because I love the way the show sets you up to think something else and then what you don't want to happen does! I love it! Keep up the good work and I'm on Callie's side so go Callie and forget all those haters because that's all they are!! I love this show and Private Practice too!!!

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