Gossip Girl Fashion: Want Serena's Boots?

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Yeah, yeah, so Blair and Serena made up to close out the latest episode of Gossip Girl.

And Jenny got along well with Eric, while Nate felt pressured by his dad to attend college. Who cares?

The question we keep getting from readers is focused on a far more pressing topic: Where can I get Serena's boots?


Don't worry, Gossip Girl fashion followers, we're got your hook up: the boots can be purchased at Chinese Laundry. Check it out now.

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what about the boots serena was wearing before, beige heels- fold down boots?
I heard it is a french brand.


I want those boots in black and purple.


ur ugly
im hott
if anyone want to call this hott chic heres my number:
1 248 235 7762


I'm so angryy!!!
I love this boots, but i don't find them anywhere!!!I have found them only in black,red.purple and deep brown....i'm so sad....I would do everything to have them!!!does anybody know where I can buy them online(because i'm from italy,sorry for the bad english)


I'm more interested in her bag. The studded one in the picture. I've been tring to find it but to no avail.


i realy like blairs jacket and hatin the episode were she goes icaskating with her dad iwant to know were i can get it love ashley


i got a pair of boots just like them for £15 from Primark

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