Gossip Girl Series vs. Gossip Girl Books: Stephanie Savage Speaks

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Stephanie Savage is the producer of Gossip Girl.

Below, she answers a question from Entertainment Weekly about the differences between the television series and the books it is based on:

What do you want to say to the avid GG book fans who complain about the tweaked characters and plotlines on the TV show?
I think that one's a book and one's a TV show — you have to write for the medium you are in. In television, a lot of the stories need to be more emotionally grounded. The books also have a longer reset period between them, so you can jump over big story issues between books, whereas with television, viewers kind of expect continuity between the episodes.

It would be very jarring for people if Serena and [her best friend] Blair [played by Leighton Meester] got into a giant fight in the first episode, but in the second episode they were friends again and we never explained why.

So I think you just have to deal with different expectations of the medium that you're working in, and you also have to be free as a writer. The series has 11 books in it right now, but God willing, we're hoping to make 100 episodes.

So you have to be able to find characters that, as a writer, you can just really dig into and live with and put a part of yourself in, and try to update them too. I think Cecily went to school in the '80s, and the books were written in the early 2000s, and there's certain things that might have worked in the books that maybe don't feel like they're going to work now.

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I've read half the books so far and just have no interest in watching the show. the books seem sooo much better!


ugggghhhh!!!! I really wish that they would stick to the stories!!!
its sooo annoying! Chuck is supposed to be bisexual and isnt supposed to be straight as a line! also blair is supposed to be the main character instead of stupid serena! to add blair is not supposed to be with freaking Chuck sh supposed to be madly in love with nate and nate is supposed to be madly in love with blair! i also hate that they csted a tall blonde skinny blue eyed girl for jenny, who is supposed to be a VERY busty(double D) short(just under 5 feet) brown eyed girl! Also blair is supposed to have a younger brother tyler, eric is supposed VERY straight and two years older than serena attending brown and at one point hooks up with blair, serena's parents are supposed to be together, chucks parnts are both alive, and blair is supposed to have a younger half sise Yale. Also her stepbrother, Aaron is supposed to be a vegan with blond dredlock attends Harvard and has a MAJOR crush on Blair. Finally, BLAIR IS SUPPOSED TO BE WITH NATE NOT FREAKIN CHUCK!I REALL Y HATE THE TV SERIES AND AM JUST STICKING TO RE READING THE BOOKS INSTEAD OF WACHING THE TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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