Grey's Anatomy Spoiler Watch: More MerDer Trouble?

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E! Online columnist Kristin Veitch dishes a little on the upcoming guest star that poses potential problems for Derek and Meredith. This doesn't reveal a whole lot, so no real spoilers here. Just more MerDer hesitation and conflict. Will it ever end? Or will this finally help lead TV's favorite couple to a better end?

MerDer Trouble?

Question: Any word on Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd? I'm so tired of the back and forth. Can they just get together or break up for good?

Answer: Now, what fun would that be?! Trust me, I feel your pain, but this is TV, and in the spirit of Sam & Diane / Ross & Rachel / Kristin & Stamos, things will get more complicated before they get any easier.

Sources confirm to me that Lauren Stamile is most definitely a new love interest for Derek (Patrick Dempsey), and she'll be sticking around for a while. I'm told she's pretty much the anti-Meredith (all the way around â€" looks and personality) and will make Derek somewhat conflicted... at least in the short run.

What do you think? Are you losing faith in Mer and Der? Or is this just what the doctor ordered to help them get their respective acts together?

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If Mer can not commit to Derek, a super guy, she doesn't deserve him. McDreamy is a virtual superman, but who wants to wait for someone who may never come around. Derek is the last of the really good guys and knows it. I bet he tells Meredith that he doesn't want to keep having "breakup sex" before she does! I won't be around to see it though, I'm done watching.


I totally believe that in the end those two will end up together. They have went through so much that I think that she is just testing the strength that their love has. have you ever noticed that no matter what happens in the show der always looks and mer with those soulful eyes and she oogles him right back. Mer character has been broken for so long and I think that der is the glue that helps to keep her together. Well along with the friends too, is this beginning to look like a soap opera or what?


Meredith and Derek have faught too long and hard...Derek gave up the position of Chief knowing it would be a detriment to his relationship with the "love of his life" Using a quote you must have written, Shonda. "Now is not the time to give up on me" take that quote that you created for Mer to say to Der and let the fans see you not give up on them! It makes no sense that Shonda would even want to try to abollish MerDer - MerDer are a writers "bread and butter", the very foundation of this phenomenon we like to watch on Thursday nights, and sit and watch re-runs all summer just to keep it going. Without the foundation the show will be in need of some serious ermergent care! I'd love to see MerDer have a solid foundation to build from, not sand that washes away with each incoming tide...(tide = in this case a new doctor). It doesn't even make sense that Merideth would walk away from this relationship - she has been fighting for this for nearly 4 years! She even came back from the dead for the love of Derek. Derek left his wife - (which he struggled with breaking his vows) to be with Meredith. It just wouldn't be right to watch it all be for naught!
MerDer was the reason I got "hooked" on Grey's, the intense chemistry between Meredith and Derek sizzles on screen. They have passion that surpassed any Nicholas Sparks novel I have ever read!


I have watched Grey's Anatomy from day one and my heart is with Derek and Meredith. I know this is not real and is only TV but it would be so nice to see them together and working to make a go of it. I am so frustrated that I have taken to taping it instead of watching so I can fast forward through it if I don't like what is happening. Ugh....I need to get a life.


I wish the writers would take on the challenge of keeping Mer & Der interesting and together. It's been so drawn out, their on and off and that is getting boring. Patrick & Ellen have great chemistry and the writers should put it to good use. I thought for sure after Meredith had her near death experience that she would be fully committed to Derek and want him. Throw the abandonment issues out the door already


Yeah I am sick of Meredith being such a baby. I am sick of the whole show being so negative about her family life. I LOVED Greys anatomy and have never missed an episode and the only reason I have continued to watch it is because I am HOPING they will stop telling boring stories about her life. I like the drama and that action but I dont care about her dad being and alcohalic or her whining about why she cannot be nice to her sister
Or the episode where she almost dies I mean if they do not change it soon this show will get old quick and people are not going to continue to watch like they are now.. I agree they need to make Mer's character more mature and quit focusing on her life and focus more on the stuff that keeps us interested in watching!!


okay everybody, c'mon this getting a bit ridiculous!!! how can anybody bash patrick dempsey for giving meredith this sort of 'ultimatum'?!?!? i mean he does kind of have a right, he's been through a lot with her and their relationship is going nowhere right now!!!! anyway, i say its all going to work out, i mean there is no way Shonda would just end it, i mean that would kill all of us mer/der fans, we probably wouldn't watch the show ever again. this whole thing is going to blow over and they'll be together again, it may just take awhile. I mean think about it, they haven't been able to really keep their hands off of each other since the very FIRST episode of the show!!!!!!! ;)
oh and by the way, to all the people talking about derek leaving meredith for lexie, can you say yuchhh!!! i would seriously vomit and never watch the show again if that happened!!!! ewwww!!!! plus Shonda already told us that derek's character would NEVER do anything like that, so i wouldn't bet on it happening. yay!! :)
Last, but not least, has anyone found a spoiler as to who McSteamy is going to be falling for?!?!? Grey's rules!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! :)


I WANT MerDer to be over with personally i'm not a big fan of this pair. I think they're great characters but it makes me sick to see them together. I apologise to all the merder fans out there.


honestly speaking, if Mer/Der breaks up cuz McDreamy goes with her useless 'sister', im quittin' the show.


i want them to be together they r soo great

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