Grey's Anatomy Spoiler Watch: More MerDer Trouble?

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E! Online columnist Kristin Veitch dishes a little on the upcoming guest star that poses potential problems for Derek and Meredith. This doesn't reveal a whole lot, so no real spoilers here. Just more MerDer hesitation and conflict. Will it ever end? Or will this finally help lead TV's favorite couple to a better end?

MerDer Trouble?

Question: Any word on Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd? I'm so tired of the back and forth. Can they just get together or break up for good?

Answer: Now, what fun would that be?! Trust me, I feel your pain, but this is TV, and in the spirit of Sam & Diane / Ross & Rachel / Kristin & Stamos, things will get more complicated before they get any easier.

Sources confirm to me that Lauren Stamile is most definitely a new love interest for Derek (Patrick Dempsey), and she'll be sticking around for a while. I'm told she's pretty much the anti-Meredith (all the way around â€" looks and personality) and will make Derek somewhat conflicted... at least in the short run.

What do you think? Are you losing faith in Mer and Der? Or is this just what the doctor ordered to help them get their respective acts together?

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I'm fine with the reality that Meredith needs to overcome her "dark and twisty" issues, but why does Shonda have to bring in a love interest for Derek? Remember when his sister Nancy visited and made the comment that Derek had never been alone? Well, why can't he work things out with Mark and do "guy" things in addition to supporting Meredith. I am so sick of this emotional roller coaster. I know, I know, it's just a TV show; but there are so few happy, healthy, sexy relationships depicted on television and this married mom would love to see Derek and Meredith together permanently.
I get that Shonda said she has no interest in MerDer "apart, apart" but bringing another woman into the picture after Mer's dad abandoned her and the Addison thing...what is she thinking?! This will help Meredith grow HOW?
Ok, I'm done. I am just extremely frustrated with my favorite couple's storyline. Wait, one last thing...Derek says I'll wait for you and then with no other interaction (for us to see) he tells the chief he has to start dating. I am wondering if the writers actually talk to one another.


isnt igt enough with all the troubles he has with mer? shouldnt they first work out their issues before another girl comes in the map and besides its kind of stupid derek has been in love with mer since like forever... so if they pretend they could make us believe that from one day to another he will just be interest in other girl and be even thinking of leaving mer for someone else they are fooling with us... totally dumb


if meredith and derek were not together , i will not watch the show anymore.....


I think we easily forget that Mer poored her heart out to him in the OR scrub room - pick me, choose me and then he chooses Addison. So she tries to move on and along comes adorable Finn. Then Derek comes back with the I chose wrong when I had to choose. So Mer gives him another chance, but it's kind of always with an ultimatum i.e. the great speech last week - I want to marry you, have kids, live to be 110 and I'll wait, but what if while I'm waiting someone else comes along. I'm sure we'd probably all say yes, if McDreamy asked us to marry him, but this is Mer and she is dark & twisty and keeps getting more twisty with all of what happened in season 3. Derek acts likes he gets it, when he talks to Mark about how Mer thinks these things don't work out - her best friend just got left at the altar. But then he doesn't give her much time to figure everything out. She just needs some room to grow, but it would be nice if he could let her grow with the confidence that he loves her until the end, that he'll wait and it doesn't matter who might come along. That he'll wait until she's ready because he loves her and he's committed.
In the end though, I do think Shonda will let them be together, but I hope that happens before Season 10!


where did the at least in the short run.come from?


can i just say i agree with everyone accept Hafsa for once. Sorry Hafsa i useally i agree with you but this time.


I love you all, the people posting here (and even the ones just reading the comments). You are the proof that I'm not crazy for still watching GA. I'm a dreamer and a romantic just like you, and I want good things to happen to Meredith, Derek and the rest, but all this drama brought by Shonda into our favorite characters lives, is making me lose faith. But you give me strenght, you show me that there's still hope for MerDer, so thanks to all of you for posting.
"Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Keep watching Grey's Anatomy"


At first, I watched Grey's because of MerDer. I loved the flirting in season 1, the love triangle in season 2, and the drowning part in season 3. And I loved the first 3 episodes from season 3. How lovely when Der said 'i'm in love with you forever'...
But after a while, from epi 20 or something, they started to have discussions, there was always something wrong. I thought it was gonna change this season, but it's still the same: they are happy, they make love, they doubt, there comes a discussion, Der says he loves Mer, Mer listens to him with tears in her eyes and without saying anything, they break up,...
I want them to be together forever ! A MerDer wedding with MerDermcdreamybabies :D !


How come this one is different than the one on the site? Did someone change this one or that one?


I forgot that the perfect McDreamy also told her in other words, that she was a whore! So I really love the moment when she reacts and tells him: "You don't get to call me whore. When I met you I thought I had found the person that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I was done, so all the boys and all the bars and all the obvious daddy issues, who cared? Because I was done. You left me! You chose Addison! I'm all glued back together now. I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke. You don't get to call me a whore." So I should remind you, one of the best things in this show is the writting. I do not care if Derek knows what he wants now. He distroyed her before. She is not ready to trust him. In my opinion, she doesn´t have to because he says nice things. He did wrong thigs. What is more important, what you do or what you say? Think about that, before blaming her for all this mess.

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