"In Which Addison Finds the Magic" Episode Guide

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The Private Practice Insider staff has completed its guide to last night's episode, "In Which Addison Finds the Magic." We are in the process of compiling our list of memorable quotes from the evening, as well as photos, music and more.

Rain in Los Angeles

As usual, our episode FORUM thread is open for comments. You can share all your thoughts on "In Which Addison Finds the Magic" and anything else you want to talk about with fellow Private Practice fans. The show seems to be finding a little magic of its own. Be heard! Join the discussion by clicking here!

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Does anyone know the name of the song that's part of the last scenes in this episode, like where the married couple come in happy? Thanks!


the first sentence was supposed to read; "i enjoy PP very much, its laid back with its challenged characters' lives full of hurdles."


I enjoy PP very much; its laid back, mature characters yet with intermingled in life's hurdles. who said life is a smooth sail, who said relationships are easy? life can be ugly, relationships can be ugly and beautiful. thats the ambiguity of life, great show and promising life, keep on soaring high PP writers.


i found the magic of Private Practice in this episode :) it had just the right balance of medical issues, drama, comedy, snark and character growth. Cooper dressing up in a fairy costume was a bit too much, but i was laughing all throughout. hope it keeps up the great work, and definitely more Surgeon Addison! Love it when she's all hoity toity. i can't wait for next week!


I loved that they talked about Wegeners. I have been dealing with the diesase for over 8 years now and it's not a fun one to have. It is such a rare disease and for it to be talked about on such a popular show is just amazing. thank you so much!

Private Practice Quotes

You ever been violated? Anybody rape you lately? Let me tell you what its like. You know those made for TV movies where some woman's crouched down naked in a shower holding her knees and sobbing because when she closes her eyes she can still feel the guys hands on her? How when they show the attack the woman's eyes go all blank and still and she goes to some other place in her mind just to deal with the horror of what's happening to her while some Lillith Fair song plays. It is nothing like that. He's sturdy and sweaty and he licks your face and wipes himself off in your hair and when you try to scream he punches you so hard you see God. And then he goes at you again reaping stuff you didn't even know you had because he enjoyed it so much the first time. I know you're trying to help but if helping me means that everyone is gonna be looking at me the way you're looking at me now please do not help me.


You tomato-ed me back. I like that.


Private Practice Music

  Song Artist
Song Lost The Mary Onettes
Down-in-the-valley Down In The Valley The Broken West iTunes
Song Message From Yuz The Switches
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