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Justin Chambers, Keisha Chambers at Movie Premiere

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Grey's Anatomy star Justin Chambers, a.k.a. Alex Karev, was seen out last night with his wife of over a decade, Keisha, at the premiere of the new movie Rendition (starring Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal) at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Saturday in Beverly Hills, Calif. Hot couple!

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he is soooooo handsome


i think that justin is so nice beautiful sexy and hot but the important thing is that is a good man and i would be very happy if one day i could meet him


She's pretty. I love that she didnt cake on the makeup. The earth tones and the natural skin make it all come together. I would hate to lay down with a fully made up woman at night, and wake up to a zombie in the morning. (sometimes theres a strong contrast).


I love the fact that Justin and Keisha appear so non-Hollywood.The two are married, appear devoted to one another and have a boatload of kids. And the beautiful thing about the whole situation is that they can afford each and every one of their children. I wish Nadya "Octomom" Suleman would have taken a page out of their book.


Much love and luck to Keisha and Justin in the future! May God bless his family!! :)


I'm glad he has five kids, at least he's not whore so many other men, and at least he's rich. It's so nice to see a successful rich couple procreate in vast numbers instead of the loserish and rich or poor who are not able to care for their children.


Sure he's hot........ very hot alas! hes married and has 5 kids 5 are more than enough


I'm sure mandizzle your Not!!! Sometimes you should keep something's to yourself!! I happen to think she's pretty so don't hate because she has him!!


however his wife is NOT!!


Justin is HOT!

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