Michael Easton: Remaining on One Life to Live

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Don't worry, One Life to Live fans. One of your favorite actors isn't going anywhere.

Despite speculation that Michael Easton is leaving the soap opera this fall, the actor said he's staying put, at least for now.

"I appreciate everyone's concern but it's unwarranted," he posted on his website, www.michael-easton.com. "Although it's not good policy to talk about contracts, I will tell you mine isn't even up in 2007 and I feel very fortunate to be working at ABC Daytime."

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hi!michael my sister and i watch you faithfully ,you are the most terrific actor.we hope that you and natalie will get married soon.keep up your good work.donna from st.vincent&grenedines a country in the caribbean.i would like you to answer back.


hi michael
my mom and i watch you faithfully and hope you do not ever leave you are a terrific actor . we hoped that you would get back with natalie . keep up the good work. jennifer


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