Super Heroes Spoilers: A Look Ahead

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Forget your typical Heroes spoilers.

Get ready for a super edition of Heroes spoilers, courtesy of Kristin from E! Online. Check out what this columnist says we can look forward to on the show:

Elle Is Super Kinky: In episode 8, which flashes back four months, just wait till you see how sadistic our darling Kristen Bell can be as she gleefully zaps and zings Peter. Oh, and FYI, their lips might kinda sorta meet.

Kensei Is Super Old: 400 years old and he looks that good without a smidge of Botox? No fair! And he might even have picked himself up an Anglo name! You'll see very soon, and so will Peter, who gets a new bunkmate.


Maya Is Super Bad: And not in a fun Michael Cera of Superbad way. Just wait till you see what she did four months ago! Her brother will look like a saint by comparison.

Nathan Is Super Lucky: You know that burned dude the former politician keeps seeing in the mirror? It's definitely Nathan from just a few months ago, and the reason he looks so good is that (a) Adrian Pasdar is genetically blessed and (b) there's a cool new "cure" of sorts that could do a whole lotta people some good, including Nathan and, perhaps, Isaac and D.L. and Simone and Daddy Suresh, to name a few.

A Hero Is Super Dead: Sylar's gonna kill a Hero. A non-Hero's gonna kill a non-Hero. And then Sylar's gonna kill another Hero. Yeah, news flash: The guy's still ridonkulously evil.

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also the kensei will be trapped in an illusion world by matt and his father....
a world of illusion...
and hiro is dead...
a future hiro will have to rescue him cos hero has to live or else there is too mch wrong history is history...
it cant be changed by hiro so drastcally that the hiro that was seen in the first season from the future is inexistent...


the healing girl is the daughter of kensei left in charge of nathan and now nathan has sent his sob to befrien d her,,,
and protect her in some way...from her own step father the man in the "horn rimmed glasses"

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