Talk About "Pie-lette" on Pushing Daisies Forum

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The best reviewed show of the fall season premieres tonight.

Talk about the first-ever episode of Pushing Daisies, entitled "Pie-lette," right now with fellow fans and readers.

Just visit our Pushing Daisies forum and get started! It's free, easy and fun to post a comment... or six dozen. And we have a feeling there's gonna be A LOT to say after watching this great show tonight.

Ned and... a Strawberry

We'll post a detailed episode guide following the series premiere, complete with Pushing Daisies quotes, pictures and more. Enjoy!

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Зан�тно, откуда �то чудо-юдо вылезло?


Хм, к размышлению... :)


Тек�т о�тавил �ложное, даже в какой-то �тепени неоднозначное, впечатление… Даже не знаю, что �казать… �ужно врем�, чтобы обдумать прочитанное.


В�е замечательно: и по �тилю изложени�, и по �одержанию тоже. Так держать!


Да уж... Тут как говор�т люди: �лмаз алмазом гранит��, плут плутом губит�� :)


Pushing Daisies Quotes

She read about people she could never be, on adventures she would never have. Life was good enough until one day it wasn't. Chuck wanted more. But at Boutique Travel Travel Boutique she got more than she bargained for.


Ned: Do you know you have a "tell" when you lie?
Olive: Do I?
Ned: You answer questions with questions.
Olive: Maybe I know I have a tell and I know you know I have a tell and maybe I'm doing it now to confuse you because you don't know what tell I'm telling.