TV Guide Reveals Major Grey's Anatomy Spoiler

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Grey's Anatomy Spoiler
Presumably, New York Magazine wryly observes, a magazine about TV would be aware that one of the reasons people like TV is surprise - the twists and turns of their favorite shows.

While some love their Grey's Anatomy spoilers (for reasons unknown to us), most would like to remain at least somewhat in the dark.

It's a little surprising, then, that TV Guide decided to reveal a huge Grey's Anatomy spoiler on its new cover. Actually, that's too generous. They flat-out gave away a major development.

It'd be one thing to spoil it inside the magazine. This site won't show the full cover until after the jump. But to give away the plot on the cover â€" the only part of TV Guide many people might see - seems a tad ridiculous. But what's done is done.

If you like, follow the jump to see the cover in question. We've even kept it out of our Grey's Anatomy photo gallery so as not to give it away to fans ...

A Grey's Anatomy Spoiler

Presenting Alex and Ava! Or is it Rebecca Pope? Whatever you call Elizabeth Reaser's character, you can't deny the chemistry she and Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) had last season. Now, it appears she's back to "seal the deal!"

We knew Elizabeth Reaser had signed back on for more episodes of the show, but this spoiler goes a tad far. Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing the drama unfold when Rebecca / Ava / Jane Doe returns to Seattle Grace.


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NO! I hate Ava! Why can't she just freakin go back to her stupid husband? Alex belongs with Izzie! Come on, they were so cute together and they have amazing chemistry. Who can forget their spectacular first kiss? Or when Alex held her after Denny died. And he still likes her. He backed away after she said she wasn't ready, but couldn't you see how pissed and mad he was when he found out about her and George? They are meant to be!


I am so glad I'm not alone in wanting Izzie and Alex together. They are so adorable. I don't like the idea of Ava because she has nothing to do with the hospital and the writers will have to start inventing stupid reasons for her to be there. Mer and McVet worked because of the whole love triangle/dog thing. And other characters were involved. But no one, esp. with Addison gone (boohoo), is connected with Ava other than Alex. I know that the writers will make it work. I just think that if they are not careful some of the scenes with Ava will get boring.


We cud call Alex and izzie Azzie...or is that just wierd??


Oh by the way, im Irish -dont hold that against me ! !- i just wish alex and izzie stayed together!! And now its alex and ava and Gizze!!


Well it doesnt surprise me, but to the comment over mine It wouldn't be greys anatomy if they were always just happily together forever!! But it would be nice if they were happy for at least one season


All the prior suggestions are good, I agree with a lot of them, but like that it could go so many ways, if people are still guessing. What I really agree with is the Derek Meridith thing. Can't they just be together and happy? I don't like the constant feuds, and I certainly don't want them to be apart! They belong together, he deserves to be happy. (God, I almost sound like I am talking about real people)


Ha ha, this is so funny... I went to my mailbox and pulled out the TV Guide with my friend (a fellow Grey's fan) with me, and she flipped when she read the cover! She was mad at me for the rest of the day. But I cannot wait to see Ava and Alex together again. I know that if I were in Ava's position I couldn't leave the guy who presumably loved me (without knowing me prior to the accident) when my face was puffed up and blue.


Shonda reads this right.....look at the comments right? Does Shonda or other Grey's staff go to this website and read the comments? Especially the main staff, like Shonda, because they can take some suggestions from us and please change Alex and Ava and does "seal the deal" means...MARRIAGE????? NO, NO, NO! Alex is'nt over Izzie and Ava is definitely not the woman he'll be with til' he's old! Izzie is!


I meant...Grey's should get a cute guy who plays as a character that is the exact opposite of Izzie but then both of them started a relationship and that guy can make Alex jealous, that'll be a great storyline! And Alex should dump Ava and Izzie will be something like the Meredith when Finn and Derek both are "fighting" for her!
Would'nt that be good?


Alex and Izzie really belong together! They look so CCUUUTTEE! I really don't agree in any type of circumstance that Alex and Ava should be together! They don;t do it like the way Alex and Izzie does! I really want some man who is cute and has the "Alex attitide", example: insensitive, arrogant and others.... A guy who is cute and can make Alex really jealous of Izzie and that guy! But that guy should be less cute than Alex so people would want Alex and Izzie to be together more! But again, the guy CANNOT be ugly or it'll kind of change the storyline!

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