American Idol Spoilers: Instruments on the Way

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The next edition of American Idol may not start until January, but the FOX juggernaut is already making news.

Several changes are in the works, officials told The New York Post, including:

  • Changing the format to allow singers to show other musical talents, such as guitar playing;
  • Many fewer "mentors," those established musical stars like Diana Ross and Tony Bennett, who appeared every week last season and took attention away from the contestants;
  • And, next summer, the annual American Idol live tour may be combined with the So You Think You Can Dance tour, in order to create a show with both singing and dancing.

We can't wait to watch it all.

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Where are the American Idol sales figures? It's been eons and I'm curious about McPhee's numbers and Clarksons (we all know Carrie's doing well)


I think that, thats stupid. i think that the idols should be able to tour by themselves as a groiup of singers. not dancers. I also think that they dont ned insraments because people might take away from teh singing part and just look at how good they play an instrament. So I think that they should keep idol the way it is!!