An Interview with Pushing Daisies Composer, James Dooley

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Fans can't get enough of Pushing Daisies quotes, photos, visual effects and so much more from the most original show on TV.

But another popular aspect of the series is its unique score. And composer James Dooley recently gave an interview talking about the music behind Pushing Daisies.

Q: Pushing Daisies is quite entertaining on a lot of different levels and your score has a lot to do with that. The feeling that I get when I watch and listen, is that there is a Tim Burton slash Danny Elfman vibe to it. Is that kind of a starting point that you had or is that coincidental?
James Dooley: Actually, it's not. It's funny. That sound is not really close to what we were going for. I've heard the Elfman comment a lot though and I do understand why people come to that conclusion but it was never intended to be that.


Q: How would you describe the differences of your show/score?
Dooley: I'd say one of the differences is because the love themes are French with accordions and harpsichords. It's also different in the editing - it's in the style of the traditional French themes. The music for the show is based on these ideas, which Danny (Elfman) doesn't really do. Still, if you put a boys' choir on top of that type of music, it's suddenly sounds like Danny.

We were going for more of an Amelie type of sound, which is a "wide-angled," adult-fairytale, with a narrator and this super-real world. The more you look at it, the less similarities there are with a Danny Elfman type of score. There was never any Danny Elfman music used to temp the show or anything like that. All that said, I take it as an honor for such a comparison to be made.

Click here to read the entire interview.

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