Brandon Barash Speaks on Joining General Hospital

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As a relative newcomer to General Hospital, Brandon Barash recently sat down with Soap Opera Weekly to discuss the experience. Here are a few excerpts from the chat:

Soap Opera Weekly: What's it like playing a loose canon like Johnny?
Brandon Barash: It's a lot of fun playing someone who's called crazy, but at the same time you can't judge Johnny as crazy. The fun part is trying to figure out why he does what he does, why he says what he says, why he snaps. What happened years ago in his childhood that makes certain things set him off at any given moment and makes him so dangerous?

Weekly: Did you like working opposite Bruce Weitz (Anthony Zacchara)?
Barash: It's a blast. It's not hard to act when he's on the stage with me. He gives it to me. Bruce is very playful and generous as an actor. It's been a pleasure working with him.

Weekly: Have you always wanted to act?
Barash: No, I had wanted to be a doctor, which is strange. When I started college I was in the BFA acting program, but also in pre-med. I was pre-med for almost two years. I wanted to be an orthopedic or cardiac surgeon my whole life. But late in my sophomore year I realized I only had time for one thing, and my passion to be an actor had become greater than my passion to be a doctor.

So I decided to take a risk. I guess I made the right choice.

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