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Dr. Bailey to Pinch-Hit as Episode 11 Narrator

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There's no new episode tonight, but Michael Ausiello of TV Guide reports an interesting Grey's Anatomy spoiler pertaining to Episode 11 of Season Four.

Earlier this week, we posted an article about the use of voiceover narration on Grey's Anatomy and other shows. As we know, Meredith Grey does the honors, with a few notable exceptions. One of which is coming up in Episode 11.

The new narrator for this episode is not Callie, as some speculated earlier in the week. It is Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and there's a reason behind her filling in for Meredith â€" and as you might expect, it isn't a pretty reason.

Tough Love

Does something serious happen to Dr. Bailey? Ausiello writes:

"Physically? No. Emotionally? Yes. Let's just say that random scene last week of Bailey at home with her husband and kid will make more sense when Episode 11 airs."

The conclusion of last week's Thanksgiving Day episode, "Crash Into Me, Part II," airs next week, December 6. That episode will be Episode 10 of Season 4. The week after that, December 13, "Lay Your Hands On Me" (Episode 11) will air.

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IF DR BAILEY GETS A DIVORCE... ohhhhhhh mannn.. that would be practically the worst thing everrr, i think i would cry!


I for one am happy that Chandra is doing the voice over I would like to see all of them do it so far we have herd George, Christine and Mer so this will be a nice change of pace.


I think it´s SERIOUSLY cool that chandra is getting to norate an episode. But i think would be really is if Patrick got to norate an episode or here´s an even cooler idea how about Patrick & Ellen norating an episode together. How cool would that be. But only if Derek & Meredith get back together.

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Vulnerability isn't the opposite of strength. It's a necessary part. You have to force yourselves to open up, to expose ourselves, to offer everything we have and just pray that it's good enough. Otherwise, we'll never succeed.


Our lives are built on our mistakes as much as our successes.

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