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End to Writers' Strike in Sight?

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We're afraid to jinx it by posting this, but here's hoping that the Writers Guild of America agrees to a new deal soon and the current, fourth season of Grey's Anatomy, along with other shows we love, can therefore continue in their entirety!

End to Writers' Strike in Sight?

It looks promising, so cross your fingers and check out the tidbit from insider Nikki Finke, which she posted on her influential Web site, Deadline Hollywood Daily:

"As the WGA strike begins its fourth week, I've been told some positive news about today's resumption of contract talks between the writers and the producers. So positive, in fact, that I'm almost fearful to post it. But here goes: a very reliable source tells me that there appears to be a deal seemingly in place between both sides."

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I hope this strike is over soon b/c I really like Grey's anatomy, I'm really wanting to know what happens to Mer/Der in there upcoming episodes.


I'm glad that the writer's just might end up getting what they are intitled to and that Grey's will be able to finish the rest of the 4th season.


goodness i hope so. this season cant end with derek liking that rose chick and my other shows like heroes and desperate housewives are taking a hard hit too. ahhh let it end


So, after episode 11, when will the other episodes follow?
I don't know about Merder, I'm a big fan and I want them to be together but as far as there are spoilers... it doesn't seem to be that positive :s


but will they start production again because Patrick said in his TVGuide Interview that Grey's wouldn't continue production until the fall. But thank godd. I hhearttt MER/DER! =]


Gloria - I do know what you are saying and I do know how Shonda has written the Mer/Der storyline in the past and I know that the back and forth with Mer/Der has made for good drama (as people put it)! I'm sure Shonda also knows that with Mer/Der as her main characters and have the biggest fan base for GA and I would think she would finally see that their storyline needs to show this couple together. I would also think that Patrick and Ellen have voiced their feelings as well, don't you? The viewers are tired of the back and forth...they are ready for a commitment! I mean if Meredith can't commit to can she ever commit to anybody! Who could love her anymore than Derek? But you are right, moving forward doesn't necessarily mean together. I can not bring myself to even think that she would break them up! I'm just to optimistic I guess! I really hope that Shonda realizes with all the mess from last season that disappointed so many viewers and even lost some viewers from it that she would not tear Mer/Der apart. That would be a crucial storyline to end for so many reasons! Like someone else stated, if Derek started a relationship with Rose, he wouldn't be as McDreamy because of the love he has with Meredith. And I think if Meredith ever lets go of Derek this time, there will be no going back! Thats why I think Shonda has no choice but to finally bring these two together because of what they have become to each other through these last 3 to 4 seasons! I mean, they just can't be with anyone else.
Gosh, I wish I was a writer, I could really write some good stuff for them! (ha)


Love your enthusiasm. But just remember who is writing this story. No one wants Mer/Der together more than me but,since season 1 Shonda has NEVER given the fans what we want. You, I and millions of others want this ever after relationship.
I don't put much into Dempsey's statement about
Mer/Der's relationship moving forward.(The
operative word being moving) In which direction I ask myself? Are they MOVING forward together?
Or are they MOVING forward in different directions?
Der MOVING forward with the nurse. Mer MOVING forward and meeting someone new or and old flame? See, I always keep in mind who is writing this
and the opposite of what we want always manages to show in the writings. And we fans wind up being mad,pissed crying etc. Shonda DOES NOT think like we do. The more we want Mer/Der to come out on top, the more oil Shonda will through on the fire. She gets pleasure out of tormenting us. So, no matter what you want. Just remember who is doing the writing.


That has made My Day! I thought about it this morning hoping that today would go well with the writers guild meeting and that we'd hear something/anything good from their meeting today!AND WE DID! Sounds like we will be getting our GA back! Actually, I will not even mind having our 2-3-4 week break at Christmas this year knowing that they will BE RETURNING! I am so excited about this news! I had no idea that we would hear that it looks as if an agreement has been made as early as today! I'm excited to know that it looks even more promising that we will get to see our Mer/Der finally get together this season, and not have to wait until next season. Gosh, I hope Shonda doesn't let us down! But, according to PD on GMA..he said they move forward with their relationship and I'm holding him to a positive forward motion where Mer/Der are concerned! What great news! Its nice to know all of those people working with all the shows will hopefully get back to work soon and that those weeks that they did not work did not cause to much of a hardship on them. Christmas seems to have come alittle early this year and how nice that is!


I will do a happy dance. With the last 2 episodes to air then showing the first 11 again should give writer enough time to get us back on track late Jan. early Feb.


yes thank the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes ilove this show would literly die without this show.i mean all they have to do is give them a raise!fingers totally crossed with a big smile on my face!!!!!!!!!!!