Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest LXXXII

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Happy Monday, fans. Let's take a look at who won the 82nd edition of the Grey's Anatomy Insider Caption Contest. We certainly received some great replies!

This picture from "Forever Young" yielded many captions, but we select only one winner per week. It was a difficult call but as this week's winner our staff chose the entry by McDreamy's Mine. Congratulations. The winning entry appears beneath the photo. Scroll down for the complete list of responses we received!

Thanks, as always, for playing the Grey's Anatomy Insider's Caption Contest and good luck again this week. We appreciate your visiting our site!

Here is this week's Caption Contest image:

Band Geeks

Miranda: "…and ever since then I haven't been able to trust a man, or go to a dance, or believe in myself anymore… um, I'm sorry, you said you wanted to talk to me-  I just needed a vault to talk to; now it's your turn - you're so NICE to everybody - go ahead, Derek, I'm listening.."

Derek: "Um, Miranda - can you please finish writing up my post ops for me? You're a dear, thanks a million. Gotta go on my hot date with Meredith now. Have them on my desk by tomorrow morning, okay?"

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Derek: Bailey?
Bailey: Yes?
Derek: Do you know your socks don't match?


This picture is just so cute! I love McDreamy's Mine's posts and DontBeFooledbytheHotShoes's post.


Bailey: "Damn. My life just sucks... I thought I cleaned off all of baby Tuck's poo before I left. No wonder people have been looking at me weird... Derek: "Its ok, no different than any other day." Bailey: "What!? Are you telling me that I come to work with poo on my shoes often?" Derek: "Yes...I mean no! No! Of course not..."


Derek: "Crisco." Bailey: "I'm sorry...what?" Derek: "The hair? All the product? It's Crisco." Bailey: "I...I won't say a word." Derek: "McDreamy's gotta have his secrets." People in the background: So that's why he smells like bacon...


Derek: (singing) "I've been dreaming of true love's kiss..."
Bailey: "yeah well keep dreaming!"


girl in background: oh i see whats goin on here!!


Derek: "Seriously? I know Christina's not your favorite person- but we should ask her to take us out and teach us to dance. Dance! It! Out! Then all 3 of us will be kick-ass dancing gods.."


Bailey: How can anyone call you "McDreamy" and take you seriously?


Derek: I probably should tell mer that i don't like rose so she'll stop getting drunk and passing out in the waiting room. Bailey: You both so damn stupid.


Bailey: *whimpers* Derek: It's OK, Miranda. Not everyone can have a head of hair as good as mine. Bailey: But, I... Derek: Just keep trying. You'll get it right eventually.

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Amelia: I think I'm falling in love with Owen Hunt, and I'm really afraid that it's gonna destroy me.
Derek: It wouldn't be love if it didn't.

When we say things like "people don't change" it drives scientist crazy because change is literally the only constant in all of science. Energy. Matter. It's always changing, morphing, merging, growing, dying. It's the way people try not to change that's unnatural. The way we cling to what things were instead of letting things be what they are. The way we cling to old memories instead of forming new ones. The way we insist on believing despite every scientific indication that anything in this lifetime is permanent. Change is constant. How we experience change that's up to us. It can feel like death or it can feel like a second chance at life. If we open our fingers, loosen our grips, go with it, it can feel like pure adrenaline. Like at any moment we can have another chance at life. Like at any moment, we can be born all over again.