Grey's Anatomy Cast Supports Striking Writers

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Many of our Seattle Grace favorites, while shooting an episode of Grey's Anatomy inside their studio, spent their lunch breaks on the picket line in support of striking TV writers, reports Kristin Veitch of E! Online.

In attendance were Grey's Anatomy cast members Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl, Eric Dane, Sara Ramirez, Brooke Smith, Justin Chambers and James Pickens, Jr.

"We want to support these writers and what they do," James Pickens, Jr., said. "They are the artists behind the words actors and performers speak every week. They're the ones who have made this show such a huge success. It's just incredible what they've done with us for the past four seasons, and they should be compensated for their talent. They just want an equitable share of this huge pie."

On Strike!
James Pickens, Jr., Strikes

T.R. Knight (who blushed a bit when asked about how he feels about George and Izzie, saying "I've seen more than you, and things happen in the next few episodes, so I can't comment or I'll get in trouble") had this to say:

"Corporations, they make money, that's their job. So I suppose they think that the more they make, the better it is for them. But in the meantime, they have to treat the people who help them earn their money properly."

"If the fans want to support the actors and the writers, do not download shows on the Internet," Ellen Pompeo said. "Because the writers of the show aren't paid for them."

As for how much longer we'll get our Grey's Anatomy fix?

"Episode seven airs this week. So we just have a few more left ... and then there will be no new episodes of Grey's Anatomy. I think everybody's really worried. You know, the actors don't have as much to worry about obviously, we're very well compensated for what we do. It's the crew that has a lot to worry about," Ellen Pompeo said. "This affects everybody involved, and they can't afford to have four or five months off. It's Christmas, they have mortgages."

"The thing is, I watch a lot of TV on the internet," Katherine Heigl admits.

"I download everything, including my own stuff, when I'm sitting at home, when I'm on set, I can watch it on my laptop for free on, or NBC or any [of the sites]. And they're putting in commercials, they're putting in big blocks of advertising and they're making money off re-airing these episodes online."

"When an episode airs more than once on TV, actors and the writers and the directors get residuals for that. And right now, the [studios] are allowed to repeat these shows [online] for the people that didn't catch them the night before without giving out a fair share of the profits."

As Katherine, Ellen and Sandra point out, this is really also an issue for actors, whose current SAG contract will come up for review in June.

"We're fighting the same fight," Sandra Oh said, just before the cast's lunch hour came to an end and she was called back to set.

The cast will continue shooting until they complete the 11th episode Tuesday, when production is expected to shut down. Grey's Anatomy writers and show runners have been picketing and not working since Monday.

Actors Supporting Writers

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i think it's great that the cast is supporting the writing staff and striking with them during their lunch breaks. i hope this is resolved soon though-- if this season stops with eleven episodes i'm going to be really upset! i'm seriously starting to get worried..


Ã¥hhh I understand that they want to support the writers I really do:)love that they understand and support the writers. but are they not gonna do more greys anatomy episodes ever? are they gonna stop with greys and not ever do some new episodes?someone answer please I am so worried:(


Okay, I decided to do the insane thing. I found out anyone can go and strike along with anyone else. So, I'm thinking of possibly heading to the city either on Monday or Friday this week if it lasts that long. I just hope my parents don't tell me I can't go. But then, I'm 23 and they have gone to do protesting of other sorts before. And this is a cause I greatly believe in.


i think the strike is awesome.. the writers derserve more and they make the shows amazing...but i need greys anatomy. 4 months over the summer is do i last for weeks during normal season...ahh


It really makes no sense if you think about it. Songwriters get royalties each time their song is played, or even a part of the lyrics used, it should be the same for the people who write these shows. The shows would not be possible without the writers and I think most people take that for granted because we do not SEE them on screen. Its great that the actors are supporting the writers because without them there would be no characters or situations to portray. I am hoping that this is resolved soon because I like everyone else NEED my Thursday Grey's fix!!!!!!!


i am very worried about the writers strike. i do think the writers need to be paid more, and i think the cast is doing the right thing by sticking up for the writers. but let's face it: WE NEED OUR GREY'S FIX!!!!!!!!! I live for Thursdays BECAUSE of this show! oh ya, and if alex and lexie become a couple, i think i'm going to hang myself.


They need to pay them what they deserve. How do u underpay the masterminds behind the show! Unreal I tell ya! Pay them what they deserve and lets move on. Because I don't know what I would do if they took Grey's off the air!


The problem with downloading is that the writers aren't getting the money, same with the DVD sales. That's what it mostly sounds like what they are asking for. So I totally support them for doing this. Anyway, I will fight the strike, and write a terrible sitcom and sell it to some producer and company to hopefully get it on television. Then maybe they'll pull the plug and want to resolve the strike and give the writers what they want. :) Actually, since I'm not in the writers guild, I am not hurting anyone. But I would love to write a show to make people go "What the hell?" and think about why it ended up getting aired.


Wow! I never knew about how bad the downloaded episodes are. Out of curiousity what about iTunes, they charge for there episodes, but do they have to share the profit. People tell me these things resolve. I hope it does. Im getting a little worried.


I am really proud of the cast for supporting the crew. I think it is so awesome how they don't act like they're are better than the crew. However I will just die if the season ends with Derek and that other chick together. This is so not good. Deredith Rocks!!!


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