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Kristin Veitch of E! Online reports that nurse Rose (Lauren Stamile) and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) are definitely heading in a romantic direction in upcoming episodes. Rumor has it that Rose/Lauren is sticking around until the last episode before the strike â€" Episode 11 â€" and she'll be an increasingly bigger part of the plot, as Derek even calls on Rose to help save a surgery.

For those of you rooting for Meredith and Derek, the good news is that this new "McThorny" romance with Lauren Stamile's character becomes a thorn in Mer's side â€" she may just realize how very badly she wants a McDreamy ending. The bad news? According to sources, she might realize that a little too late.

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Lauren Stamile: A guest star and thorn in the side of Meredith Grey.

In other guest star news, the Writers Guild of America strike is apparently going to nix Joshua Jackson's appearance on Grey's Anatomy. Producers are hoping they can figure out another slot for the former Dawson's Creek star after the strike is put to rest, but that's contingent on his schedule. Stay tuned.

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A great resource - many thanks!


I'm with the person who says please stop trashing Rose, the character and the actress. She's just playing a part, and quite honestly, I much prefer seeing her character with Derek, then Meredith. I think it's good of Meredith to finally try to fix herself, but I'm just a little upset with the producers for not going through with the new love interest for Derek. What is going on with Mer/Der is to over rated, and once again, the same old thing. Like someone said, Meredith has been a royal pain, and it is true. Though, I admire her for trying to work through her issues, but I still want to see Derek with Rose, and see it work out this time. It's been to long with this annoying on/off Mer/Der. To bad, we have to witness something similar to the end of season II. I hope I'm wrong. Maybe the champaign bottle should go to Rose.


I think this try.


Cont from above: ...the rest of the Greys fans would stop watching the show altogether


Rose should come into the picture to stirr up things up a little, the show needs some "anger" from viewers (not that its necessarily a good thing). But eventually, she should realize Derek is not her cup of tea, she should just move on and "be friends". Derek should realize he's a fool for pushing Meredith and being so selfish about it, he should realize SHE IS THE ONLY ONE HE WANTS. I think the writer is still unsure about Rose's character development. Why? Rose is very similar to Meredith in a lot of ways. Her words are full of meanings, just like Merediths! Derek is a sad soul who is confused, he loves Meredith and wants HER, but is also angry that she can't BE WITH HIM. So he is testing the waters, trying to see whats out there. Then comes Rose. Rose always tells Derek (almost every time she sees him), "I'm an imperfect person". And that annoys me. Why? Well, EVERYONE IS IMPERFECT! So Derek, WAKE UP! Meredith loves you, SHE IS IMPERFECT! Why DID you have to kiss and makeout WITH ANOTHER IMPERFECT PERSON? Meredith was already improving, showing Derek her love for him, step by step. A LOT better than before. Her eyes glow and she loves him more than ever before. Then stupid Derek makes out with Rose and kills that feeling. Causing doubt Meredith had over men ALL OVER AGAIN. What to go Derek. He pulls a "I wana marry you, have kids with you, spend the rest of my life with you" speech then says "I dunno" when asked what he would do if he meets someone else. What he did with Rose was wrong, the worst EVER. It made his character look cheap. He is not Mark. Mark can be flirty, Mark can be kissy feely. NOT DEREK. C'mon, give these characters the things they have worked so hard for. Don't make the fans turn their backs on Greys. Greys writers/ do want your show to go on, right? Messing up the Mer and Derek's relationship with Rose just when Meredith is "getting there" spells trouble. Its like Team Andison and Team Jolie. Its just wrong. Wrongggggg. Derek doesn't just kiss random nurses. He DOES NOT. The way the storyline is going is probably going to make Meredith more "loveable" than ever, and if Derek chooses Rose over Mer, well, Im pretty sure the rest of the Greys fans would


GA is losing it's power and fans! Season 4 may be the last.


Alex is right. Die Rose Die.


yeah. I know this


Be cooller!

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