Jenni Croft: Over Brad Womack, Dating Ex-Boyfriend

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Jenni Croft has come a long way since The Bachelor season finale.

The woman that was rejected along with Deanna Pappas said she's totally over Brad Womack, while also being back together with her unnamed ex-boyfriend.

"I'm completely over [Womack]. I left that day thinking I can't keep thinking about him - I've got to get over it. I am back with my ex-boyfriend. It's been amazing," said Croft during an interview with Wichita ABC-affiliate KAKE.

And how is that relationship going, Jenni?

"We haven't been happier," she said. "We learned a lot about each other while I was gone."

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The 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader does claim, though, that she fell in love with Womack during filming of the show. How can you not, she basically asks, when you're around someone so much?

"You go through this thing for six weeks, and all you think about is this one guy. You have no contact to the outside world - you can't call your mom; you can't call your friends... You don't think about work at all," Croft said. "So like you constantly think about this guy, and he's your world for six weeks. So yes, everything I thought about was about him. I did fall in love with him."

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I am a huge "bachelor" fan. I was extremely disappointed w/ this past shows outcome(like everyone else I know). I thought for sure you were the one(even put bets on it w/ all my Bach. watching friends). I realize that all I saw was what was edited and aired, but I could feel the amazing, undeniable attraction btwn you two.
For Brad to say he didnt feel the fantasy, romantic, "fairy tale" he was looking for was unbelievable. He should be an actor! He said he was not in love, but his actions/words etc. appeared and came across otherwise. I never thought I'd look up, let alone write to a bachlorette from the show but you intrigued me! I thought you handled every aspect of the show maturally, respectfully, and with a lot of class!!
I am glad to find you are well, and are happily in a relationship! Brads loss!!! I don't think he could possibly find better! I know my guy all the sudden has an interest in the Ph. suns!


Hi there Jenni Good for you I'm glad you have moved on and I hope he 's good to you Jenni you are so pretty and I don't understand why Brad didn't pick you neverthe less you are okay Jenni you have my pray in the lose of your grandmother remember she will always be in your heart when you dance and when you see a shining star that will be her watching you okay well take care Jenni I wish you would have been the next bachelorette but well you are okay merry christmas Jenni from Jennifer Palestine Tx