Jessica Szohr Speaks on the Future of Vanessa

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It's hard not to hate Jessica Szohr.

Okay, maybe it's just hard not to hate her character, Vanessa.

After all, she keeps entering through Dan's window at the most inopportune times - and we'll take issue with anyone that dares to get in between the budding, cute relationship between Dan and Serena.

Szhor seems alright, however. She recently talked about Vanessa's background, specifically her unique sense of fashion.

"In the book, Vanessa was very gothic, always in black, with piercings and when we started the show, they wanted to make her kind of Lower East Side … tight skinny jeans, high-tops, and things like that," Szohr explained.

"I had just moved here so I wasn't aware of the neighborhoods, so when I was doing homework for my character, I went to the Lower East Side."

So, any Gossip Girl spoilers to dish, Jessica? What does the future hold for your character?

"I think Vanessa might get a boyfriend and I don't know for a fact, but I think Dan might say, 'I don't want her to be with someone else,'" said Szohr.

Uh-oh. Does that mean the future isn't so rosy for Dan and Serena?!?

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. Vanessa's beauty is blatanly ignored by the other characters because she doesn't fit their criteria for entry into the High Life. I think that Vanessa is the most attractive girl on the cast. And I'd rather see Dan with her than Serena. You guys know that I am both Pro-Serena and Pro-Dan, but I am also Pro-Reality. I know that opposites can attract, and in Serena and Dan's case, they do. But Dan and Vanessa have more of a friendship foundation, whereas Serena and Dan have more of a flame. Everyone knows that flames die out. After Serena and Dan grow out of the "puppy love" phase and the reality of their differences seep in, I doubt that they will have anything to fall back on. Serena and Dan don't have rapport the way that Vanessa and Dan do. Dan and Vanessa enjoy each other's time, it's just not a sexual thing like it is with Serena. Looking more into the future, Serena is an amazing girl, but she's so high maitenance that Dan's future income won't be able to satisfy her.


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