Kate Walsh's Thanksgiving Vacation

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Her tan bikini blending wonderfully with the sand, Kate Walsh strolled down a Hawaiian shore with her husband, Alex Young, last week.

Kate Walsh in Bikini

The newlyweds, who married Labor Day, spent

Thanksgiving on the beaches of Maui, frolicking in the surf and walking the coast at sunset.

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Hey you guys writing these comments me to was very sad to find nomore ipdates but have'nt you noticed that all the updates have been done by the same Oceanside Guy. In his last update he wrote to ask for assistance from other writers who could help to keep the site up to date but it seems that he has abandoned the site as some responded to his request but we havent heard from anybody about new things from pp. I know it sucks not having the latest news like on GAI but hopefully this Oceanside Guy will get help from other writers to keep this site up and running as he whoever he is can't do it all on his own. we should also put out some comments about the lack of new stuff in this site on the Greysanatomyinsider.com to see if we can get some feedback from them as it always has updates and maybe they can help loool i managed to write a small composition hehehe hope this site does not die as i am starting to love PP as much if not more than GA :)


OMG! I heard on the news that the writers have started to reach an agreement. I think this means the strike will be over in a matter of months. WEEKS even! HORRAY!!!


... Don't tell me you haven't heard about the strike.


What is happening? Why is this show off the air? I am just about ready to stop watching ABC shows. I am tired of really getting into a show and then having it just CANCELLED! Either make a commitment to your fans to keep a show on the air or go back to re-runs of Saved By The Bell.


ADDIcted, if you read this, for some reason your email and name is in the reply section here. i don't have an account here, just looking for pp news.
thought you should know.


Ccome on guy, update do something.
It's sucks not getting new episodes I know but still you could keep us happy with some news about Kate and Co. Pretty please


Oh there is still something going on on this site a new design. Hey you site owners how about some new pics and news and don't tell me you didn't see Kate stunning backless dress. This was impossible to miss this weekend.
Come on you did a new site design, give us new informations as well.


katieforever - lol....maybe. I guess I just keep holding on to PP and hoping SOMEBODY WILL UPDATE!!!!


yo Sam123 wow are we the only two left still reading this site...
no one else seems interested... -o-|"


katieforever^ I've got the same problem. What is up with this? I don't understand...is there something seriously wrong with this website and it's writers?


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