Kellie Pickler Breaks Down at Country Music Awards

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While Carrie Underwood was winning awards last night, Kellie Pickler was fighting back tears.

The American Idol finalist broke down crying during the CMA while performing "I Wonder," a song about her estranged mother, who abandoned her when she was a toddler.

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"Oh, I hear the weather's nice in California," Pickler sang at the end of the song, as the tears began to fall down her cheeks. "And just in case you're wondering about me/ From now on I won't be in Carolina/ Your little girl is off to Tennessee."

Pickler's mother, Cynthia Malone, has said that she was forced to leave her child because of an abusive relationship with her then-husband.

Kellie struggled to finish the song and spoke the final word, "Tennessee," as the Nashville crowd rose in applause to support her.


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What a faker. I'm sure she cried every time she sang that song in concert when she toured with Brad Paisley. Enough of the drama Kellie. Just get out there and sing.


You were great last night!
Sometimes crap happens, although I'm sure you'd rather the whole didn't see it....but, maybe if she was watching last night .... well, you can't never tell what might happen but if it does, make sure you go into/do it with an open mind. Look how far you've come since American Idol, and its not over yet. My heartfelt wishes are with you and God Bless You. Regards, Sheila Smith
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