Leighton Meester Likes Kissing Chace Crawford

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Here's a less than shocking statement from Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester: she likes kissing costar Chace Crawford.

"I'm Chace's girlfriend on the show," Meester told People magazine recently at a fund-raiser for model Petra Nemcova's Happy Hearts Foundation. "It's great."

Meester also denied knowledge of Crawford's real-life romance with country star Carrie Underwood ("I don't even know if he had one"). However, that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy some on-screen makeout sessions with her costar.

"Of course, it's fun," Meester said. "He's soooo cute. It's definitely not hard."

It does, though, require some prep work:

"I make sure I don't have any lipstick on, so it doesn't go everywhere, even thought that could be hot. And to make sure to stay fresh, I chew gum."

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in real life: Chace and Leighton


For the show: Chuck and Blair


dude why the fuck arent they goingout?
they are perfect together...face it!




yeah. I love nate and blair and also leighton and chace. hehehe hope they get back together. I think they must be because in the book they're the couple there and they're forever. since blair just say only to nate the always have always will right? I think they both perfect for each other now that nate is sure about what he feels about blair. and, I don't like vanessa for nate! nate blair forever!


I agree Nate and Blair do make a great couple. They are a thousand times better than Blair and Chuck. Chuck is a jerk and treats women like objects. Even if he said the magic words to Blair I bet you his "reformed" behavior will last all of 10 minutes before he jumps into bed with another women. He has no clue how to love or be in a relationship. All he thinks is that he should have whatever he wants. In this case it is Blair for a little while and then he will tire of her. Blair should not go with him and stick with the guy who really loves her and who knows how to show love - Nate!


definitely perfect together!!!!!!!!


i love blair and nate// chace and leighton!, they are soo cute together. i really do wish they end up going out, and as for the show i hope they get married.


Oh! My god
they have to date, SERIOUSLY!!
they look really cute and hot couple
whne, if is on and off screen.
but in GG i ♥ Chuck/Blair ( Chair )
theire like partner and crime
like a soul mate or something..
I agree with you all!!


Blair and Nate should be together, not Blair and Chuck. I mean, Chuck's cute and everything, but Blair and Nate are the original 'it' couple on Gossip Girl, so they should get back together. I really hope that they do. Leighton and Chace would also make a super hot coupe off-screen. Hope that happens. I'd be really happy for them if it did. They're a compatible pair, just like The OC's Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson before they split. Totally adorable.

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