Natalia Livingston: Remaining on General Hospital

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Rest easy, General Hospital fans: Natalia Livingston isn't going anywhere, despite a few recent rumor to the contrary.

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"[General Hospital] and I started contract negotiations several months ago... Both wanting to work something out. We have finally come to a deal where both sides are happy," Livingston said in a statement. "With that said, I am, have been, and will always be incredibly grateful to General Hospital for giving me such a wonderful job. I love and treasure every day on the show."

The rumors of Livington's departure spread after a General Hospital fan club member actually stated online that she was exiting the series.

But Livingston said the statements made about her supposed departure were not only inaccurate, but fraudulent as well.

"I have no doubt that my fans, friends and family at General Hospital will easily distinguish between fact and fiction, reject sensationalist headlines, Internet blogsites, and know that if a statement didn't sounds like something I would say I simply did not say it," the 31-year-old actress said.

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Keep Natalia Livingston on General Hospital. With Nicholas having the brain tumor, he could have dreamed that she was dead and actually isn't. Remember Dallas when pamela Ewing dreamed that bobby was dead and the next season he was taking a shower. She brings class to General Hospital.
Also you could spice up her character to make things more interesting.


i hope natalia stays on gh and not leave. and she should not be a ghost.


The ghost storey is crazy we are seniors
and enjoy GH very much as we have for years but come on people what you writers smoking these ghosts are unreal please stop insulting our inteligence.and keep Natalia where she belongs, on GH. We have recently received a post card from her and are very appreciative of her concern for her fans. Mr and Mrs Wilson


Yeah that makes no sense. I hope they don't have be a ghost type thing like Allen for any longer. That would really be dumb and annoying. Oh and a waste of her talent and time.


she's dead though


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