Patrick Dempsey Almost Named Sexiest Man Alive

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Hey, #2 isn't so bad, right?

Leading the way for a talented Grey's Anatomy cast as well in several films - and most importantly, as husband to Jillian and father to Talula, Sullivan and Darby - Patrick Dempsey placed second on People magazine's annual Sexiest Man Alive list.

Patrick Dempsey narrowly lost out to Matt Damon, a fairly sexy fellow in his own right. But there's little question who our choice would have been at the Insider...

Easy Rider

Patrick Dempsey: Second to none in the minds of Grey's Anatomy fans.

Matt Damon, a first-time father as of this year, remained coy about his win, saying, "You've given an aging suburban dad the ego boost of a lifetime."

The magazine cites Matt Damon's "irresistible sense of humor," "rock-solid family man" and "heart-melting humility" for landing him the sexiest title.

People's top 10 Sexiest Men Alive are, as follows:

  1. Matt Damon
  2. Patrick Dempsey
  3. Ryan Reynolds
  4. Brad Pitt
  5. James McAvoy
  6. Johnny Depp
  7. Dave Annable
  8. Will Smith
  9. Javier Bardem
  10. Shemar Moore

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Very smart


hi..i´m speak spanish...i´m from mexico..of country Martinez de la torre...
i think the grey´s anatomy it´s a wonderful history..
but...patrick dempsey is a sexy man...i like he
i love he....
i have 19 years old...


hahahaha estupidos


WHAT? Matt Damon????
well, i really don't think so......


he so deserved number 1. matt damon's got nothing on patrick.


You rock and your hot i hope dreak and mereadeth get together that would a good finaly and i think it is grate how you still have time for your hobbies keep rocking my friend and i say you make this show every thing with ellen of course you and her look like best friends


P.S. They had to give it to Matt , he had a moster blockbuster movie trilogy and that means in Hollywood, politics , he can get what he wants. It was political, anyone can see Patrick is sexier, but he'll get it next year, he just had a number 1 movie this weekend, Enchanted and surely more to come.


He is sooooooooooooo HOT, He is gorgeous, I use to watch his teen movies and I'm just shocked at how HOT he has become. He is so darn fine as we said in the 80's, but now it's Patrick we are talking about. He is gorgeous. I totally fell in love with him watching the movie Enchanted. His wife is one lucky lady. Patrick you are so Sexy, I can he knows how to handle a woman, You KNOW!!!!!!
I need a break from the computer ,he's so hot.


okay, there is no way that patrick should have lost out to matt damon of all people!!!!!!! :( it's totally ridiculous, and i think that the people at people magazine need to have a CT scan or something!!! obviously patrick dempsey is the sexiest man alive and should be honored as such!! anyhow, can't wait to see McDreamy and his sexy on Grey's next week!!:) Grey's Rules!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! :)


Man, Pattie is freakin' Hot, i don't like Matt, Pattie is definetly the sexiest man alive and forever!!


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