Patrick Dempsey Biography to Air Wednesday

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Just a quick note we received from one of our readers we thought we'd pass along - a one-hour biography of Patrick Dempsey is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) on Biography. Could be a great opportunity to get to know more about this former teen idol and current Grey's Anatomy heart throb.

Patrick, Ellen

Patrick Dempsey and Grey's Anatomy co-star Ellen Pompeo.

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I saw the E! True Hollywood Story too and it was great! It makes you love Patrick even more! Not only is he gorgeous, but he is such a nice guy with a great personality and let's not forget about the terrific smile, and the eyes and I could go on and on! It was a very nice special about him and his life and I know he is proud of his accomplishments when he looks back through the years!
What a guy!


Could someonne please put tonights special on youtube please. As i said b4 i live in Ireland & i won´t get tio see it otherwise. By the way thank you to Vip 4 putting ladt nights show on youtube. I loved it. I´ve watched 3 times already. So thanks again.


thank you so much!
very interesting and...quite disappointing for me...


if someone knows a link to watch it, it'll be nice to european people!
i'm so found of dempsey, i'd like to watch it!!


i just watched the E! True Hollywood Story on Patrick Dempsey and OMG! I nearly died from pure amazement. If you can, watch it. Makes you love him so much more


Could someone please put the 2 specials on youtube. I+m a SERIOUSLY BIG McDreamy fan i live in Ireland & i won´t get to see them otherwise. Thank you.


I'm not sure if they're on youtube yet, but there are sneek peeks to this weeks episode at the Grey's Anatomy page on


if anyone cares there is going to be an E True Hollywood Story on him tonight(tuesday) at 9:00

Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

Derek: I wanna be with you forever, and you wanna be with me forever. In order to do that we need to make vows. A commitment. A contract. Give me a piece of paper.
Meredith: I don't! I... I... I don't. I have post its!
Derek: (takes the post its and a pen) Ok. What do we wanna promise each other?
Meredith: That you'll love me... even when you hate me.
Derek: To love each other, even when we hate each other. (writes it down) No running. Ever! (Mer smiles and comes and sits in front of him) Nobody walks out. No matter what happens.
Meredith: No running.
Derek: (writes it down) What else?
Meredith: That we'll take care of each other, even when we're old, and smelly, and senile. And... if I get Alzheimer's and forget you...
Derek: I will remind you who I am, every day. To take care when old, senile, and smelly (writes it down) This is forever. (signs it) Sign.
Meredith: This is our wedding. A post it? (smiles)
Derek: Mhmmm. If you sign it.
Meredith: (signs it, and hands it back. Has tears in her eyes) Now what?
Derek: Now I kiss the bride. (They kiss)
Meredith: (smiling) Married.
Derek: (smiling) Married. (sticks their post it in Mer's locker) You see that? (Mer nods and smiles) Plenty of time.