Patrick & Jillian Dempsey at "Enchanted" Premiere

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While Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery strolled and celebrated their new marriage, her on-screen McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey, arrived at the premiere of his new film, Enchanted, held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday.

Patrick Dempsey, 41, was accompanied on the red carpet by costar Amy Adams and his wife, Jilliam Dempsey. Here's a cute photo of Patrick and Jillian Dempsey ...

Patrick and Jillian

They're so nice. There are plenty more photos of Patrick Dempsey and company from the Enchanted premiere, which you can take a look at by clicking here. Below is one addition photo we came across of Patrick and Amy Adams ...

Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams

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I saw Enchanted twice this weekend, with both of my neices, I loved it. Patrick is soooooooo HOT, he is mezmorising in the movie, he's so handsome. I volunteered when my sister said she couldn't take her daughter, I said I'll take her,... just so I could go and drool over how hot Patrick looks in the movie. He is gorgeous. The movie was wonderful too, my nieces loved it, they said they are going again next weekend.
P.S. His wife looks unhappy when I've noticed her on the red carpet, maybe she just wants the old days back with Patrick, but he's now a hot-sex symbol for women, but hey...she's his Queen for life, she should smile.:)


Patrick and his wife Jillian looks so beautiful together but I just wish she smile more. She is a very beautiful women.


I love the support he is still showing for Addison. It just shows what a great guy he is. I though wouldn't it be awsome if she was well enough for her just to have a small part in one of the episodes.


Yeah Debs you're right again!
It wasn't always that obvious in every episode, but they zoomed in on his arm and I saw the bracelet too! After the last episode, I've put it on Addison's website :D So sweet... He always wears it! (not during surgeries:p) Addison's family just asked if it would have been possible to wear it in 'one' of the episodes, but he still wears it. Indeed very sweet!! It must be great for the girl to see he's still thinking about the bracelet, about her. A typical actor would say 'I wore it, so now I'll throw it away'. But he..*sigh* :p


Debs If you go back and watch all the epis from the 2nd one on, he's wearing the bracelet in all of them!! He really is a sweetheart! As fro the movie, I can't wait to see it...he's always gorgeous :)


He does get better with age and Jill is pretty but does she ever smile? We use to get great pictures of Patrick and Ellen but this year they seem to be few and far between wchich is sad. Their really great friends and they take really great pictures together.


Guys do you remember the young lady Addison that Paddy visited in Hospital & she gave him an orange bracelet & he promised her that he´d wear it on the 2nd episode. well he wore it again on the last episode . you see it on his wrest in the scene were he´s talking Merdith outside the hospital. Just when you think Paddy can´t get McDreamier HE DOES.


I can't wait to see the movie. Alot of the girls I work with hope to see it the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We don't have any small children, we are naturally going to see Patrick Dempsey!
As far as the pic of PD above, he looks great as ususal. I wonder why Ellen didn't attend? I guess she had other plans maybe.


The man is one hot smokin' sexy guy! They don't get any better than him! I'm hoping to see the movie Friday if it's playing in my area.


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