Round Table: "Crash Into Me, Part I"

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While fans gather in our forum to discuss each character, couple and plot twist, the Grey's Anatomy Insider staff comes together to talk about the key moments and share their opinions regarding the latest episode of our favorite drama.

Round Table topics for "Crash Into Me, Part I" include the future of Derek and Rose, Alex's love interests, and our favorite funny and gross moments ...

1. Will Rose be a thorn in Meredith's side?

McCritic: I hope so. If only for the opportunity to use award-winning puns such as the one above. Seriously, though, her romance with McDreamy appears to be blossoming.

iheartizzie: Every Rose has its thorn, so to speak, but rather than lodge itself painfully in Mer's side, perhaps this one will spur her into action by making her realize what she stands to lose by not stepping up and fighting for her man.

AndYouveGotTheHair: I've read the spoilers and the speculation of the Rose character (Lauren Stamile). But I'm curious to see if she and McDreamy hit it off or if she merely serves as a means of bringing Meredith and Derek closer.

Morose Mer

2. More enjoyable: Dr. Hahn's sarcastic putdowns of Mark, or Cristina dancing her troubles away?

iheartizzie: I love watching Erica shoot down Mark. Such great lines, and ones that may result in more character depth for the brash Dr. Sloan down the line.

McCritic: Dr. Erica Hahn's remarks. Anything that features the underused Sloan more often can only be a good thing in my eyes.

AndYouveGotTheHair: The scene with Cristina dancing was great, although it made me long for the days when Dr. Preston Burke might have joined her,

3. More disgusting: That dude's tattoo, or Nick's artery bursting all over Lexie?

AndYouveGotTheHair: One indirectly represents genocide and millions of deaths, while the other can be washed away in 10 seconds. Tough call!

McCritic: A Swastika is symbolic of ignorance, hatred. It conjures up pity and disdain, not pure disgust. That artery burst, however? I haven't eaten anything red since.

iheartizzie: While the symbol of the Third Reich is obviously more abhorrent from a historical standpoint, Lexie getting splattered made me wince more at that instant. On a side note, did we need the super slow-motion incision through the Swastika? My head is hurting from being hit over the head with your symbolism, Shonda.

4. Will Miranda and Tucker save their marriage?

McCritic: Yes. But the awful nickname of "Mucker" doesn't stand a chance.

iheartizzie: I hope so. I'd love to see more of Tucker (Cress Williams, who I've liked ever since his stint as D'Shawn on Beverly Hills: 90210), but it seems fair that more attention be given to the home life of the show's best character.

AndYouveGotTheHair: Sadly, I think they're headed down the same path as Richard and Adele, which is interesting in this case because of the juxtaposed gender roles - Miranda, a female, criticized for focusing on her career. Very 21st Century.

Alexie Love!

5. Should Alex wind up with Lexie, Ava, neither or both?

McCritic: Both would be nice, but this is Grey's Anatomy, not Grey's Anato-threesome. I think Ava is best for Alex. He'll soon come to the same realization.

iheartizzie: I love Ava / Rebecca (Elizabeth Reaser) and have ever since last season. These two at least need to give a relationship a try. Lexie and Alex are cute but there isn't that compelling spark that he and Rebecca have.

AndYouveGotTheHair: I wasn't buying it at first, but I've just started to like Alex and Lexie together. No offense to Ava, but I'm pulling for Alexie, baby!

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If Derek/Rose will happen this show is over. A large part of fans have my same opinion. Shame on you Shonda Rhimes!


somebody on one of these message boards said awhile ago that they liked the idea of Derek and Rose together because it would be sort of a wak-up call for mer and then McCritic said it on this week's round tabel discussion and I just have to say that I agree with McCritic completely. This could just be the wak-up call the Mer needs.


i still haven't warmed to lexie as much as i wanted to. she and alex seem to lack chemistry to me, i also dislike her and alex because a) i'm a total meredith fan and lexie is stepping all over meredith's "people" and b) i love the way Ava keeps coming back to fight for alex, it's about time someone was completely clear about what they want- even if she did stutter a bit about the husband.. totally for Ava/alex baby!


AVA AND ALEX BELONG TOGETHER!!!! NO LEXIE!!! its obvious who he should choose, so heres what needs to happen...
1. Ava needs to divorce her husband
2. Alex needs to ask Ava to live with him
3. Alex needs to tell Lexie that hes in love with someone else
4. (My favorite) Lexie needs to be given a muzzle for the slight chance that she may spill the beans about her and Alex to Ava other than that i hope they live happily ever after but its greys ya ya i know

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