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for your information aimster, i think grey's in a way is losing its touch in certain areas. i AM a Gizzie fan and i really hope they find the perfect sex they were looking for have still have a strong romantic relationship. they are the only couple on Grey's which i think is based on a deeper level of emotional connection and feelings. It isn't physical like the others...especially mer/der. Gizzie is just so right and the writers just totally screwed it up in the latest ep! They have chemistry...its so obvious in the other eps. Oh, btw....George when he said tht he won't sleep with izzie in s2 actually meant tht he would. If you watch it can see tht george nods his head and mouths, "yes i am" when izzie talked about wanting sex! look it up.


This epi is the first one this season I actually deleted off of my DVR. Last week's was much better, but I am definitely getting frustrated with the inconsistencies of the show.

Mer was ready to commit to Der at the beginning of Season 2. I know she's had a lot happen to her, but I can't believe the brave, smart girl I loved this show for has become so weak and jelly like.

And Bailey crying? I had to rewind several times to see what i missed. It made NO sense. Like it was said, the crack in her voice would have sufficed and been more in character.

Callie has been a punching bag since she landed on this show at the end of Season 2. It's not right.

Gizzie? Puhlease. Didn't George quip that no amount of money would make him "do" her in Season Two? HISTORY people!

I feel like Grey's has forgotten where it came from. Great characters that you admire, even in their flawed state. Smart writing. Great medical drama. Sexual tension I can feel in my toes as I watch. Where is it all?

The redeeming things so far about this season?

Erika Hahn. A great addition to the show.

Cristina's struggle. It is being written poignantly and completely in character.

Honestly, for me at this point, that's about it. Curious to see what Thatcher brings next week.


Gizzie sucks! MerDer are the only chemistry couple of this show.


Yes, Grey's back in full effect (gotta love Hahn!), but can someone PLEASE tell me the name of the actor for Mr Brotherton? I'm going crazy over it.


This episode made me ill. AGAIN with the inapropriate sex. it's disguisting. And both Callie and Bailey being out of character. it was terrible. I didn't enjoy it. not one bit.


oh, sorry i forgot to mention one thing earlier. i can't wait for next week, i mean mer's dad is coming back!! can't wait to see what's in store for her with that meeting, and if it will bring derek back to her, because i foresee it ending with her being very upset. :( oh, and can't wait to see the next part of the story with izzie and george's chemistry problem, because they do really love each other, they are just having problems in bed. :( well that's it, can't wait!!!

Grey's rules!! SERIOUSLY!!!! :)


this was a great episode, because you saw the serious side of the characters, but you also got to see them have fun again!!!!
my opinion on the whole hahn/sloan thing, is that they're gonna be hooking up soon enough, don't u worry about that.
as for george and izzie, i don't see that working out any time soon, though i would really like to see it do so.
and of course last, but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, der/mer!!! man this season and the end of last season for them is just destroying me and my fellow mer/der fans!!!! come on shonda, what r u trying to do to us?!?! although, unlike some other people i have seen comment on here, i will never stop watching!!! i know that mer and der will be back together eventually, i mean come on they always are!!! but this whole thing with derek getting a new love interest with this girl Lauren Stamile, that is just ridiculus and it is really pissing me off!!!! oh well, i guess i'll just have to watch and see what happens!!!

Grey's rules!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!! :)

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